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New Titles for the Week of August 5


Jaclyn Moriarty Gravity is the thing
J. Ryan Stradal The lager queen of Minnesota
Lara Williams Supper club

Historical Fiction
Dominic Smith The electric hotel

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Anthony Boucher Rocket to the morgue
Allen Eskens The life we bury
Kate Morton The clockmaker's daughter
Michael Robotham Good girl, bad girl

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Naomi Booth Sealed
Mike Hembury New Clone City
H. G. Parry The unlikely escape of Uriah Heep

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
B. Mure Terrible means 741.5 M942 comics

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Applied Sciences
Bob Orkand Misfire: the tragic failure of the M16 in Vietnam 623.44 O49

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Vladimir Belogolovsky Architectural guide New York: a critic's guide to 100 iconic buildings in New York from 1999 to 2020 724.6 B418
Hearts of our people: native women artists 704.0397 H351

Biography & Genealogy
Elizabeth Kleinhenz Germaine: the life of Germaine Greer 92 G816k

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
Matthew Budman Book collecting now: the value of print in a digital age 002.075 B859

Business & Economics
Neil Irwin How to win in a winner-take-all world: the definitive guide to adapting & succeeding in high-performance careers 650.1 I91
James Rickards Aftermath: seven secrets of wealth preservation in the coming chaos 332.042 R539a
James Grant Bagehot: the life & times of the greatest Victorian 330.092 B14g

Computer Science
Amy Webb The Big Nine: how the tech titans & their thinking machines could warp humanity 006.3 W365

Health & Medicine
Richard Preston Crisis in the red zone: the story of the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history & of the outbreaks to come 614.5 P939
Marin Sardy The edge of every day: sketches of schizophrenia 616.898 S72

Walter R. Borneman Brothers down: Pearl Harbor & the fate of the many brothers aboard the USS Arizona 940.542 B736
Linda M. Clemmons Dakota in exile: the untold stories of captives in the aftermath of the U.S.-Dakota war 973.7 C591
Manuel G. Gonzales Mexicanos: a history of Mexicans in the United States 973.0468 G589
James Lacey The Washington war: FDR's inner circle & the politics of power that won World War II 973.917 L116
Ray Locker Haig's coup: how Richard Nixon's closest aide forced him from office 973.924 L815h
Thomas Lockley African samurai: the true story of Yasuke, a legendary black warrior in feudal Japan 952 L812
Sarah Parcak Archaeology from space: how the future shapes our past 930.1 P213
Guy Halsall Barbarian migrations & the Roman West, 376-568 937.09 H196b
Jean Edward Smith The liberation of Paris: how Eisenhower, de Gaulle & von Choltitz saved the City of Light 940.542 S511
Cita Stelzer Working with Winston: the unsung women behind Britain's greatest statesman 941.084 S39w

Languages & Linguistics
Cecelia Watson Semicolon: the past, present & future of a misunderstood mark 428.2 W331

Literature & Writing
Lisa Duggan Mean girl: Ayn Rand & the culture of greed 813.52 R186d
Andrew Gallix (editor) We'll never have Paris 820.8 W458
Daniel Smith The Ardlamont mystery: the real-life story behind the creation of Sherlock Holmes 823.8 S511a

Performing Arts & Music
Brian Raftery how 1999 blew up the big screen 791.43 R125
Gary Sinise Grateful American: a journey from self to service 792.092 S65
Sam Staggs Finding Zsa Zsa: the Gabors behind the legend 792.092 G116s
Irwin Winkler A life in movies: stories from 50 years in Hollywood 791.43 W729

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Todd May A decent life: morality for the rest of us 170.44 M451
David Robson The intelligence trap: why smart people make dumb mistakes 153.9 R576
Scott Samuelson Seven ways of looking at pointless suffering: what philosophy can tell us about the hardest mystery of all 204.42 S193

Politics & Government
Michael Bennet The land of flickering lights: restoring America in an age of broken politics 320.973 B439

Social Sciences & Current Events
Lara Bazelon Rectify: the power of restorative justice after wrongful conviction 364.6 B347
Daniel Brook The accident of color: a story of race in Reconstruction 305.8 B871a
Meaghan O'Connell And now we have everything: on motherhood before I was ready 306.8743 O51
Tom O'Neill Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA & the secret history of the sixties 364.152 O26

Travel & Geography
Eyewitness Japan 915.2 E97
Eyewitness Lisbon 914.694 E975
Eyewitness Poland 914.38 E97
EyewitnessSan Francisco & the Bay Area 917.946 E97

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Richard Russo Chances are CD Fic Russo

Liao Yiwu Bullets & opium: real-life stories of China after the Tiananmen Square massacre CD 951.058 L693b

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