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New Titles for the Week of November 11


Jane Allen I lost my girlish laughter
Talia Hibbert Get a life, Chloe Brown
Shannon Pufahl On swift horses
Margaret Wilkerson Sexton The revisioners
Robin Robertson The long take, or, A way to lose more slowly
Kevin Wilson Nothing to see here

Historical Fiction
Andrew Miller Now we shall be entirely free
Cressida Connolly After the party

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Donna Andrews Owl be home for Christmas
Ken Bruen Galway girl
Piero Chiara The bishop's bedroom
Michael Gilbert Death has deep roots
Michael Jecks The dead don't wait
Lisa Jewell The family upstairs
Joseph Kanon The accomplice
Catriona McPherson A step so grave
Steven Pressfield 36 righteous men
Martin Cruz Smith The Siberian dilemma

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Erin Morgenstern The starless sea

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
Fabien Nury Once upon a time in France 741.5 N974o comics
Lewis Trondheim Maggy Garrisson 741.5 T753 comics

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Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Christopher Domin Powerhouse: the life & work of Judith Chafee 720.92 C346
Knit blankets: 25 colorful & cozy throws 746.43 K749
Susan Laxton Surrealism at play 709.04 L45
The Peanuts papers: writers & cartoonists on Charlie Brown, Snoopy & the gang & the meaning of life 741.5 P358pe
Vogue x music 779.2 V869
Melanie Falick Making a life: working by hand & discovering the life you are meant to live 745.5 F69

Business & Economics
Marc Benioff Trailblazer: the power of business as the greatest platform for change 658.4 B467t
Stephen A. Schwarzman What it takes: lessons in the pursuit of excellence 658.4 S969
Gregory Zuckerman The man who solved the market: how Jim Simons launched the quaint revolution 332.6 S571
Robert Greifeld Market mover: lessons from a decade of change at Nasdaq 332.64 G862
Melanie A. Katzman Connect first: 52 simple ways to ignite success, meaning & joy at work 650.13 K159
Charles Schwab Invested: changing forever the way Americans invest 332.6 S91

Computer Science
Tee Morris Twitch for dummies 006.78 T926
Vinay Trivedi How to speak tech: the non-techie's guide to key technology concepts 004 T739
Paul McFedries Alexa 006.3 M143

Food & Drink
Carolyn Jung East Bay cooks: signature recipes from the best restaurants, bars & bakeries 641.5979 J954
Women on food 641.5092 W842

Health & Medicine
Susannah Cahalan The great pretender: the undercover mission that changed our understanding of madness 616.89 C132g

Peter Finn A guest of the Reich: the story of American heiress Gertrude Legendre's dramatic captivity & escape from Nazi Germany 940.54 L523
John Howard Griffin Black like me: the definitive Griffin estate edition, corrected from original manuscripts 975 G875
Mary M. Lane Hitler's last hostages: looted art & the soul of the Third Reich 940.5318 L24
Donald L. Miller Vicksburg: Grant's campaign that broke the Confederacy 973.7344 M64
Christina Riggs Photographing Tutankhamun: archaeology, ancient Egypt & the archive 932 R448
Olivier Wieviorka The resistance in Western Europe 1940-1945 940.534 W652r
Orlando Figes The Europeans: three lives & the making of a cosmopolitan culture 940.28 F471
Matthew Lockwood To begin the world over again: how the American Revolution devastated the globe 973.31 L814
Michele Shover California standoff: miners, Indians & farmers at war, 1850-1860 979.432 S826
David J. Silverman This land is their land: the Wampanoag Indians, Plymouth Colony & the troubled history of Thanksgiving 974.4 S395
Camilla Townsend Fifth sun: a new history of the Aztecs 972 T663

Languages & Linguistics
William Lutz Doublespeak: from "revenue enhancement" to "terminal living": how government, business, advertisers & others use language to deceive you 427.973 L978

David M. Steingold Nolo's guide to single-member LLCs: how to form & run your single-member limited liability company 346.7306 S356

Literature & Writing
Have you seen this man?: the Castro poems of Karl Tierney 811.54 T444
Toni Morrison Goodness & the literary imagination: Harvard Divinity School's 95th Ingersoll Lecture: with essays on Morrison's moral & religious vision 813.54 M878
Kurt Vonnegut Pity the reader: on writing with style 808.3 V94

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Annie Dillard Pilgrim at Tinker Creek 508 D57

Performing Arts & Music
Booker T. Jones Time is tight: my life, note by note 780.92 B644
Ali Wong Dear girls: intimate tales, untold secrets & advice for living your best life 792.092 W846

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Ikhwān al-Ṣafāʼ The case of the animals versus man before the King of the Jinn: a translation from the Epistles of the brethren of purity 181.07 I4

Social Sciences & Current Events
Andrea Long Chu Females 305.4 C470
Gail Collins No stopping us now: the adventures of older women in American history 305.26 C71
Steven Goldstein The turn-on: how the powerful make us like them--from Washington to Wall Street to Hollywood 302 G578
Benny Morris The thirty-year genocide: Turkey's destruction of its Christian minorities, 1894-1924 364.151 M869
Alvin Orloff Disasterama!: adventures in the queer underground, 1977-1997 306.76 O55
Axton Betz-Hamilton The less people know about us: a mystery of betrayal, family secrets & stolen identity 364.163 B466
Graeme Edwards Cybercrime investigators handbook 363.25 E951

Travel & Geography
Elaine Sciolino The Seine: the river that made Paris 914.434 S417

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MI-5. Volume 1

Mickey Gilley Mickey Gilley in concert DVD 780.92 G413

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