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New Titles for the Week of September 2


Jonathan Coe Middle England
Elyssa Friedland The floating Feldmans
Bryn Greenwood The reckless oath we made
James Gregor Going Dutch
Joshilyn Jackson Never have I ever

Historical Fiction
Philippa Gregory Tidelands
Christy Lefteri The beekeeper of Aleppo
E.R. Ramzipoor The ventriloquists

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Colin Cotterill The second biggest nothing
Alex North The whisper man
Louise Penny A better man
Hank Phillippi Ryan The murder list
Andrew Shaffer Hope rides again
Daniel Silva The new girl
Karin Slaughter The last widow
Fred Vargas This poison will remain
Reba White Williams Bloody royal prints
Jorge Zepeda Patterson The black jersey
Becky Masterman We were killers once

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Alix E. Harrow The ten thousand doors of January

Short Stories
Edwidge Danticat Everything inside

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Applied Sciences
Jacky Colliss Harvey The animal's companion: people & their pets, a 26,000-year love story 636.088 H262

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Yoko Hatta Japanese knitting stitches from Tokyo's Kazekobo Studio: a dictionary of 200 stitch patterns 746.43 H288
Lewis Achenbach Hear this book: Achenbach in Chicagoland, documentary drawings 2012-2014 743.89 A177
Heather Sandy Hebert The new architecture of wine: 25 spectacular California wineries 720.9794 H354
Sue Roe In Montparnasse: the emergence of surrealism in Paris, from Duchamp to Dali 709.44 R699i

Biography & Genealogy
Ursula Buchan Beyond the thirty-nine steps: a life of John Buchan 92 B917be
Anthony Everitt Alexander the Great: his life & his mysterious death 92 A374e

Books, Reading, Publishing, Journalism, Library & Information Science
Leah Price What we talk about when we talk about books: the history & future of reading 028 P945w

Business & Economics
Nely Galán Self made: becoming empowered, self-reliant & rich in every way 650.1 G146
Robert Kiyosaki Fake: fake money, fake teachers, fake assets: how lies are making the poor & middle class poorer 332.024 K628f
Robert T. Kiyosaki Rich Dad's cashflow quadrant: guide to financial freedom 332.024 K628c
Alexandra Levit Humanity works: merging technologies & people for the workforce of the future 658.4 L66
Joseph A. McCartin Collision course: Ronald Reagan, the air traffic controllers & the strike that changed America 331.89 M127
Dasarte Yarnway Pay me in equity: a millennial guide for understanding equity compensation 332.024 Y28

Sasha Chapin All the wrong moves: a memoir about chess, love & ruining everything 794.1092 C365
Richard Pert Playing the Ragozin: a dynamic repertoire 794.1225 D38 P468
Vladimir Barsky The Ragozin complex: a guide for White & Black 794.1225 D38 B282
Alexey Bezgodov The extreme Caro-Kann: attacking black with 3.f3 794.1225 B12 B574
Ruslan Scherbakov The Triangle system: Noteboom, Marshall gambit & other Semi-Slav Triangle lines 794.1225 D44 S326
Evgeny Sveshnikov Sveshnikov vs. the anti-Sicilians : a complete repertoire for black 794.1225 B20 S968

Computer Science
Nicole Hennig Power searching the Internet: the librarian's quick guide 025.04 H516p
Kristen Meinzer So you want to start a podcast: finding your voice, telling your story & building a community that will listen 006.5 M478

Food & Drink
José Andrés Vegetables unleashed: a cookbook 641.65 A256
Peter Reinhart Perfect pan pizza: square pies to make at home, from Roman, Sicilian & Detroit, to grandma pies & focaccia 641.82 R275
Alysa Levene Cake: a slice of history 641.8653 L576

Health & Medicine
Katherine Eban Bottle of lies: the inside story of the generic drug boom 615.1 E14
Ramon Resa Out of the fields: my journey from farmworker boy to pediatrician 610.92 R311

Robert W. Black Yank & rebel rangers: special operations in the American civil war 973.74 B561

Dean A. Strang Keep the wretches in order: America's biggest mass trial, the rise of the Justice Department & the fall of the IWW 345.7302 S816

Literature & Writing
Anne Boyer Garments against women 811 B791g

Performing Arts & Music
Steve Aoki Blue: the color of noise 780.92 A43

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
M.R. O'Connor Wayfinding: the science & mystery of how humans navigate the world 153.75 O187

Politics & Government
Peter Kagel Advice, trials & tribulations of a country lawyer: Calistoga, California, 1973-1983 979.405 K119

Social Sciences & Current Events
Oliver Bullough Moneyland: the inside story of the crooks & kleptocrats who rule the world 364.132 B938
Daryl Johnson Hateland: a long, hard look at America's extremist heart 303.484 J630
R. J. Maratea Killing with prejudice: institutionalized racism in American capital punishment 364.66 M326
Cameron McWhirter Red summer: the summer of 1919 & the awakening of Black America 305.8 M257
Rachel Monroe Savage appetites: four true stories of women, crime & obsession 364.152 M757
Tom Nealon Food fights & culture wars: a secret history of taste 394.12 N26
Jen Schradie The revolution that wasn't: how digital activism favors conservatives 302.23 S693
Paul Warde The environment: a history of the idea 304.2 W219
Harriet A. Washington A terrible thing to waste: environmental racism & its assault on the American mind 363.73 W31
Perrin Selcer The postwar origins of the global environment: how the United Nations built Spaceship Earth 363.7 S481

Travel & Geography
Richard Kreitner Booked: a traveler's guide to literary locations around the world 910.4 K877
Lonely Planet Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei 915.95 L847
Declan Lyons Cycling the Canal de la Garonne: from Bordeaux to Toulouse 914.47 L995

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The secret life of pets 2 DVD Children's

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Robert Greenberg The life & operas of Verdi 4 volumes CD 782.1 V48

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Marie Arana Silver, Sword & Stone: Three Crucibles in the Latin American Story
Andrea S. Kramer It's Not You It's the Workplace: Women's Conflict at Work & the Bias That Built It

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At eternity's gate
Hotel Mumbai
To walk invisible: the Brontë sisters

Foreign Language
Tokyo fiancée DVD Japanese

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Godzilla King of the monsters

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