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Planning Your Next Trip? Explore New Languages with Kanopy at Mechanics' Institute Library

Dreaming of your next adventure? Want to connect with the local culture on your next trip? Mechanics' Institute Library can help! We offer a diverse selection of video language courses from The Great Courses through our streaming service, Kanopy.

Learning Made Easy with Kanopy

Gone are the days of bulky cassette tapes. Kanopy provides a convenient and flexible way to learn language. Watch instructional videos led by expert instructors and explore the fascinating world of languages at your own pace.

Enhance Your Learning with Course Workbooks

The learning doesn't stop at watching videos. Kanopy offers downloadable workbooks alongside select courses from The Great Courses. These comprehensive study guides provide additional exercises and activities to solidify your understanding and reinforce your learning.

Finding Language Courses (and more!) on Kanopy

Getting started is easy! Simply access Kanopy and navigate to the "Browse" section. Select "Instructional" as the genre and then choose "The Great Courses." Within this category, you'll find a dedicated section titled "Learn a New Language!"

Languages Offered:

  • French

  • Greek

  • Spanish

  • German

  • Italian

  • English

Looking for language learning to help with your understanding of ancient history?

Kanopy also offers courses for those seeking to delve deeper into these ancient writing systems and languages:

  • Biblical Hebrew

  • Latin

  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs

What else is offered in Kanopy?

In addition to movies, Kanopy also offers The Great Courses in cooking, healthy living, art, professional skills, and more!

Need Help Getting Started?

Our friendly Library staff are here to assist you! Feel free to ask any questions you may have about Kanopy or language learning resources.

  • Contact: Myles Cooper, Library Manager

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (415) 857-6721


Posted on Mar. 15, 2024 by Myles Cooper