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05/17/2024 - 5:50pm

May is the annual celebration month honoring Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders in America. May was selected as the honorary month for several reasons including commemorating the first Japanese immigrants to the United States in May 1943 and marking the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad on May 10, 1869, which involved the labor of mostly Chinese immigrants.

Our 3rd-floor di...

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05/17/2024 - 4:12pm



Danielle Steel Never too late : a novel Fic Steel
Gabriel García Márquez Until August Fic García Márquez
Pär Lagerkvist The dwarf Fic Lagerkvist
Cecilia Rabess Everything's fine :...

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05/10/2024 - 5:33pm


Ray Bradbury Chapbook for Burnt-Out Priests.
John Lithgow Drama : an actor's education
George Bernard Shaw The crime of imprisonment
George Bernard Shaw Bernard shaw on literature
George Bernard Shaw...

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05/10/2024 - 4:27pm


Eugene O'Neill Anna Christie
Eugene O'Neill Desire under the elms
John Lithgow Drama
Cixin Liu The three-body problem
Mark Twain Who is Mark Twai...

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05/09/2024 - 2:35pm

Do you have a passion for puns and a knack for high-scoring words? Then dust off your Scrabble tiles and head to the Library for our exciting Game Night premiere on Tuesday, May 14th.

This fun, casual, and communal event is open to game enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned Scrabble shark or a curious b...

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05/02/2024 - 11:51am

You will find a grandiosity and grandiloquence in the films of Werner Herzog that you will also find in his memoir, Every man for himself and God against all. I do not think that anyone else in the 21st century could write such a book without people thinking it the height of pretentiousness and egomania. 

For example, there's a...

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04/19/2024 - 5:14pm

It is with deep appreciation, recognition, and admiration that we share this message about Paul Whitehead's upcoming retirement from Mechanics' Institute on April 22. Paul has worked for Mechanics' Institute since 2012 and was first introduced to the Chess Club in 1972!

Paul shares, “I’ve had a fantastic time working here. It’s unexpected to work here. I had taken a wide turn away from chess for many, man...

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04/18/2024 - 1:34pm



Jean-Luc Bannalec The Fleur de Sel murders Fic Bannalec
Christopher Robinson Deliver us : a novel Fic Robinson
Martin MacInnes In ascension Fic MacInnes
Jennifer Cody Epstein The...

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04/18/2024 - 1:04pm


Applied Sciences

Kenneth Druse The passion for gardening : inspiration for a lifetime 635 D79p

Arts, Architecture & Crafts

Don Hibbard Hart Wood : architectural regionalism in Hawaii 720.92 W873
Henrietta Brackman...

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