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04/22/2023 - 4:40pm

It was fun to read this article by Suzie Dundas about the revival of an historic lager-style beer from the Truckee area by contemporary brewing company Good Wolf Brewing Company. The original brewer, Boca Brewing Company, had a brief connection to the Mechanics’ Institute back in the 19th century. 

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04/22/2023 - 4:17pm

Members sometimes ask a staff member what book they are reading at the moment. In my case, I explain that, well, it is hard to say. As I am primarily a non-fiction reader, I tend to use the “rule of three.” I may read just a few chapters in one book, then switch to reading one or two chapters in a different book, and move on to the next title. Then I make my way back to the first book.

Given the wide brea...

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04/21/2023 - 3:58pm

In olden times when we watched videos at home using these strange, now antiquated, machines called "VHS players," I decided to rent this mini-series to give me something to do on a long, rainy weekend. I planned to watch it over the course of 2-3 days. Instead, I binge-watched it continuously, one episode after another, straight through until well after midnight on the first night. I could not stop watching. 


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04/17/2023 - 6:08pm

Dead Space (2023) is a remake of the original 2008 video game Dead Space made by Motive Studio. It is a single player survival horror video game set in the 26th century where you play as Issac Clarke, an engineer tasked with investigating a distress signal coming from the planetary mining vessel called the USG Ishimura. The game is a cross between Event Horizon, a movie starring Sam Neil and Laurence Fishburne, in...

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04/17/2023 - 6:02pm

Do not look for a plot in this movie – you will not find one. Do not look for excitement either. You will not find any in this quietly beautiful, slow-paced, and thoughtful film. Disregard all summaries or descriptions, you find on the DVD container (or online). I have no idea what they're talking about or if the people who wrote these even saw the movie. 

Two survivors of the battlefields of the First...

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04/17/2023 - 5:24pm

Applied Sciences
Anna Ploszajski Handmade : a scientist's search for meaning through making 620.11 P723
Bruce W. Holsinger On parchment : animals, archives, and the making of culture from Herodotus to the digital age 676 H756
Judith M. Taylor...

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04/17/2023 - 5:11pm

Charlotte Brontë Jane Eyre Fic Brontë
Willie Carr Love and avocados : Buell and Lloyd adventure Fic Carr
Ann-Helén Laestadius Stolen : a novel Fic Laestadius
Pilar Quintana Abyss...

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04/14/2023 - 5:06pm

At the beginning of The Frisco Kid, a small Jewish community in 1850 San Francisco writes to a rabbinical school in Poland asking for a rabbi. They send Gene Wilder. Along the way he meets some of the best and worst kinds of people: thieves and liars, but also many who help him out of kindness. He needs the help of an outlaw (played by Harrison Ford) to go through...

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