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The Art and Psychology of the Rock Opera TOMMY

In this fascinating illustrated and audio rich presentation, Bay Area therapist Graeme Daniels will discuss the art and psychological themes present in the rock opera Tommy. Tommy, the fourth studio album by the English rock band The Who, takes the form of an opera telling the story of a deaf, dumb and blind boy and his life’s struggles. Released in May of 1969, Tommy was a major breakthrough for the Who and an album that challenged the rock n’ roll status quo.  Daniels will describe The Who's career leading up to Tommy, the social and political unrest that affected post-war Britain and characterized “the 60’s”, and reflect upon his theory that Tommy is an oblique comment upon everything from political corruption, developmental trauma, personality disorder, child abuse, spiritual growth, and the ideal of reciprocity between artist and audience. Join us for this absorbing program!


Graeme Daniels presented this talk and a paper on the subject at the Creativity and Madness Conference last August in Santa Fe.  He has been a practicing psychotherapist in Contra Costa County since 1996, integrating psychodynamic principles, developmental research, and a 12-step philosophy.

He is the associate director of the Impulse Treatment Center in Walnut Creek, which specializes in group and couples therapy and sexual addiction. He is a graduate of a 3-year post-doctoral training course at the West Coast Masterson Institute in Walnut Creek, and a faculty member with their Australia-based program.


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