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Cafe French: A Flaneur's Guide to the Language, Lore and Food of the Paris Café
With author L. John Harris

Thursday, October 24, 2019 - 6:30pm

L. John Harris channels the historic flâneur with his witty café French "lessons" and whimsical illustrations taken from his Paris café journals. While Café French guides fellow Francophiles on a journey into the cultural and linguistic codes of Paris café culture, the author--with a dash of Dada--chronicles his own discoveries: the cafés he inhabits, the language he struggles to learn, the food he eats and the dreams he pursues in the city he loves. Café French is a delightful book that will instruct and amuse Paris newcomers and veterans alike--all who yearn for a taste of the flâneur's creative café lifestyle.


L. John Harris writes about food and art, sketches in Paris cafés and operates the non-profit Harris Guitar Foundation in collaboration with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. His previous books include The Book of Garlic and Foodoodles: From the Museum of Culinary History, won a Bay Area Independent Publisher's Association (BAIPA) award for Best Graphic Memoir. He is currently writing a book about the history of Berkeley's "gourmet ghetto."

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