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Comfort Lit -- Litquake -- Chasing Mercury: A Novel (Cove International Publishers)
Author September Williams


Litquake announces a new, free lunchtime series at the Mechanic’s Institute. 2017 taught us that taking a break with books is the best form of self-care, so for 2018, we dreamed up Comfort Lit: Books That Make You Feel Better to provide a much-needed break from fighting the powers that be and help us recharge from the grim realities of the day. On Tuesdays throughout the spring and summer, join us at these author appearances, featuring books on humor, food, love, spirituality, travel, animals—things that make us smile and bring down the blood pressure.


An epileptic Black ballerina and a Powwow dancer meet in the Montreal Airport. They are both scheduled to perform in 1973 Cold War Berlin. During the transatlantic crossing their love evolves. On a long layover in Zurich, he stuns her by depositing many hundreds of thousands of dollars into his Swiss bank account, to which he adds her name with no true explanation. Is she an accomplice to something, or is this just love in the time of mercury poisoning? September Williams’ debut novel is a romance-suspense-memoir that connects human rights, environmental justice and romance.


September Williams is an American physician-writer, bioethicist and filmmaker. She focuses on promoting resilience for people who are ill, aging, dying, or stressed by environmental and humanitarian violation. September’s writing is imbued with the humor that allows people to survive hard times.

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Jul 25 - 6:30pm

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