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The Forgotten Revolution
Lucio Russo

Throughout classical antiquity, the city of Alexandria in Egypt was a scientific powerhouse. Many great Greek scientific thinkers were produced there, and the city itself possessed an amazing level of technical sophistication—automatic doors and vending machines adorned the city's temples, libraries, and plazas. What were the scientific marvels of antiquity, why were they forgotten for centuries, and what does their fate mean for the future of our own civilization?

This Book Group is open to the public and will be hosted by two fellow MI members: Samo Burja, a political scientist and founder of the geopolitical consulting firm Bismarck Analysis, and Alexander Gelland, the deputy editor of Palladium Magazine. This Book Group will be held over the course of four Tuesdays: March 14, March 28, April 4, and April 11.

The Forgotten Revolution: How Science Was Born in 300 BC and Why it Had to Be Reborn by Lucio Russo is available in print for in-library use on the 2nd Floor of the Mechanics' Institute Library, as well as online at the Internet Archive here.

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