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Free Non-rated Online Scholastic Chess Tournaments
Daily Free Tournaments

Online Chess Tournaments

To get notifications on tournaments, please fill out the following google form: is a safe, secure and fun platform for kids to learn and play chess, and participate in a wide variety of activities, including listening to lectures, doing puzzles, play with their friends, and participate in online tournaments.

Complete list of events, with links, please visit:


Mechanics' Institute Chess Club on



How to join our group & club?

If you are new: click on this link:

If you already have an account: registration key:  QCJJNH

  • Find the 6-digit Registration Key on the “Info” tab page of your Group. Give this code to the Kid.
  • Have the Kid log in to his own account & click the grey Settings icon. **They’ll need to log in from a browser for access to this page.**
  • Enter the Kid’s first & last name, and parent/guardian email.
  • Click “Do you have a Group Registration Key”
  • Enter the 6 digit Registration Key & click Save. The kid will be added to your Group.

If you already have an account - and you don't have a place to put the registration - need to make Mechanics' as secondary guardian

  • From your Parent account Home screen:
  • Click the "Kids" tab.
  • Select the "Edit Kid" option from the menu next to the kid account to which you'd like to add a guardian.
  • Click the "Edit Guardianship" option on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter '[email protected]' & select "Add Guardian." This adds them as an additional Guardian; you remain the Primary Guardian of the account.


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