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Key Financial Newspapers & Magazines Every Astute Investor Should Read

Many of us read are regular readers of the morning newspapers, often the first source we consider for financial information. However, to really stay on top of the latest financial and economic trends and insights you can use in your financial planning efforts, financial magazines and newspapers - in either print but particularly in web format - are invaluable additional information sources to consider. Plenty of resourceful content is available on the various newspaper/magazine websites without actually setting up one’s own subscription.  Some savvy readers maximize the benefit of consulting the titles described below by choosing two or three titles, and reading them on a regular basis. They develop a solid understanding of which way the markets are moving along with some good investment ideas or specific security recommendations. Let’s take a close look at The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Barrons, Investor’s Business Daily and Bloomberg BusinessWeek to name a few.


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