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Lincoln in the Bardo
by George Saunders

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Lincoln's son, Willie, is sick upstairs in the White House. Despite an optimistic prognosis, tragedy strikes. Lincoln begins a series of visits to the crypt to hold the body of his eleven-year-old son. Based on reports from February 1862, George Saunders work of historical fiction focuses on the bardo--a transitional state in the Tibetan tradition.

This is the second of two meetings on this work. World Literature is a member-led group. It's free to all members and all are welcome to attend. Many of the novels read and discussed are classic works translated into English. World Literature meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month (excluding holidays).

World Literature Book Group Meetings

Members Only; Free
4th Floor Board Room
Myles Cooper - 415-857-6721

Future Book Group Meetings

Fast Fridays

Jul 5 - 12:00pm

"An Amount of Discretion"
by Lauren Alwan

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Jul 8 - 12:00pm

Brown's Requiem
by James Ellroy

World Literature

Jul 17 - 6:30pm

by Jose Saramago

World Literature

Aug 7 - 6:30pm

by Jose Saramago

Brown Bag Mystery Readers

Aug 12 - 12:00pm

39 Steps
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Brown Bag Mystery Readers

Sep 9 - 12:00pm

Down the River Unto the Sea
by Walter Mosley