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LITQUAKE: The Berlin Woman with author Alan Kaufman

Lena is a married, chronically unfaithful, and devoted only to gratifying her ambitions and hard-driving libido. Nathan is a footloose womanizing American author, unable to produce the big novel for which he's been contracted. Their affair becomes a high-stakes reckless game of jealousy, rivalling ambitions, gender conflict, political combat and artistic outrage. But beneath it all, dark secrets haunt their pasts, while overshadowing their love is a world in which Anti-Semitism is burgeoning, The Holocaust is denied or forgotten and a new kind of totalitarianism threatens to sweep Lena, Nathan, and all of humanity, to the very brink of annihilation.


Alan Kaufman, the Bronx-born son of a French-Jewish Holocaust survivor is a writer, memoirist and poet. He is author of two critically acclaimed memoirs Jew Boy and Drunken Angel and a novel, Matches, based on his experiences as an Israeli combat soldier. He also edited four ground-breaking anthologies: The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, The Outlaw Bible of American Literature (Co-edited with Barney Rosset), The Outlaw Bible of American Essays and The Outlaw Bible of American Art. Currently living in San Francisco Kaufman is a central figure in the performance poetry community and the Jewish countercultural movement.

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