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Night Moves (1975)
March 2015: March Mysteries

Special guest: Matthew Kennedy, author of Roadshow! The Fall of Film Musicals in the 1960s.

Directed by Arthur Penn
Gene Hackman, Jennifer Warren

Tom (Delly's stepfather): You see, I... get pretty foolish with her and I... well, you've seen her! There oughta be a law.
Harry: There is.

The 1970s, with its garish colors and self-conscious hedonism, is a decade that lends itself to the kind of noir embodied in Arther Penn's Night Moves. Gene Hackman is Harry Moseby, an ex-football star turned private eye, who's hired by an aging film actress to find Delly, her runaway teenage stepdaughter. Naturally there is much more going on than a wayward trust-fund baby. As the bodies pile up and the mystery unfolds, Harry becomes increasingly determined, if not desperate, to find a solution that won't get more people hurt. This film boasts not only a fine performance by Gene Hackman, but the first credited role by Melanie Griffith as Delly, and a look at a very young James Woods.

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