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Palimpsest: A Man’s Life in San Francisco (Balangero Books)
With author Charles A. Fracchia

Cosponsored by San Francisco Museum and Historical Society and California Historical Society.

The word "palimpsest" refers to the two or more layers of writing on a vellum manuscript -- layers that in time will leach out, revealing the contents of previous layers. In this "coming of age" novel, an older man looks back on his earlier years and yearns for the vitality of that time. It is a "book of memories" in which he laments the loss of heightened experiences of years past. The book is set in San Francisco, where the memories brought forth reflect the venues of the city.


Charles A. Fracchia is a native San Franciscan. He spent 20 years in the investment banking and investment advisory business and 35 years as an academic, teaching at San Francisco State  University, City College of San Francisco, and the University of San Francisco. He is the author of 15 books -- Palimpsest is his first book of fiction -- and is a Fellow of the California Historical Society, and the  founder and President Emeritus of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society. Fracchia was one of the founders of Rolling Stone magazine.


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