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Productivity Hacks for Authors
Better than Caffeine: Healthy Habits for High Energy Writing

Presented by the Women's National Book Association (SF Chapter).

Manage your energy for maximum productivity with tools and tricks from author/yoga teachers and holistic lifestyle experts, Saeeda Hafiz, Elise Marie Collins, and Patti Breitman. If physical pain, fatigue, depression, discouragement or lack of focus have ever affected your writing, you need this workshop. Yoga, meditation, and a healing diet can help writers balance energy, inspiration and productivity. As writer's we are expected to wear many hats, sometimes balancing day jobs with writing on the side. Authors must go from introvert to extrovert at the drop of a hat and be ready for interviews and public speaking, after spending months of solitary hours at the computer. The simple tools you will learn in this workshop will help you to be more alert, alive and inspired. You will notice the difference in your writing, creative process and focus.

Panelists will discuss how to ease into a healthy lifestyle, the impact of healing foods, exercise and sleep on writing. Learn tips and practices for energy and resilience from three authors who live, teach and write about yoga and health practices for modern times.


photo of elise marie collinsAn author of many books on healthy living, Elise Marie Collins's latest, Super Ager, You Can Look Younger, Have More Energy, A Better Memory and Live a Long and Healthy Life inspires readers to optimize their well-being for longevity in the 21st century and beyond. A visionary yoga teacher, Elise uses the tools of Ayurveda and scientific research to uplift her students and those she touches through her writing, coaching and public speaking. She is the Vice President of the WNBA, San Francisco Chapter.


photo of saeeda hafizSaeeda Hafiz is the award-winning author of the book, The Healing: One Woman's Journey from Poverty to Inner Riches.  She is a yoga teacher and wellness expert with certifications from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers and the Natural Gourmet Institute. As a holistic health educator with the San Francisco Unified School District, she focuses on sharing her knowledge of physical and mental wellness with diverse groups. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


photo of patti breitmanPatti Breitman is the co-author of many books including How To Eat Like A Vegetarian (Even If You Never Want to Be One); Never Too Late to Go Vegan: Even Vegans Die; and How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty. Formerly a book editor and literary agent, Patti has maintained her New York energy during her 33 years in California. Co-founder of Dharma Voices for Animals, and director of the Marin Vegetarian Education Group, her writing reflects her interests in healthy eating and wise living.  As a past president of WNBA, she is thrilled to be part of this workshop.


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