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San Francisco Neon: Survivors and Lost Icons

Authors and photographers Al Barna and Randall Ann Homan shed new light on the backdrop and the history of the city’s neon signs, with their book, San Francisco Neon: Survivors and Lost Icons. These luminous beacons represent many of the places where generations of city residents have met to watch movies, drink martinis, and even park cars. Far from throw-away advertising, these enduring signs are hand-made works of art that become more fascinating every year they endure. The neon signs dotting San Francisco’s landscape cover just about every conceivable business and cut across almost all cultures and lifestyles, whether they are high-end hotels or small mom-and-pop markets. What could be more enticing than a flashing neon cocktail glass? Or an oversized donut splashing into a cup of coffee? Neon is beautiful alchemy: a convergence of glass, gas, and a spark that produces a beckoning light that has enduring appeal.

Join Randall and Al for an author talk that explores little-known corners of San Francisco history via neon signs and the legacy businesses they represent.

Register + Pre-Purchase Book Offer: Al and Randall have generously offered a special discount on their wonderful book for pre-purchase. You can pick up your copy and have it signed after the author talk. There will be a limited amount of copies for sale at full price the day of the event.

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