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Sarah Winchester: Beyond the Mystery
with Bennett Jacobstein

Join us for an illustrated lecture about the fascinating Sarah Winchester. Sarah Winchester was a brilliant, creative and generous woman who suffered devastating personal tragedy: her only child, Annie died at just six weeks old; and her beloved husband William, heir to the Winchester Rifle fortune, who died too young from tuberculosis. Sarah never recovered from these two heartbreaks. Yet through all her pain she focused on helping those in need. She spent most of her adult life on two building projects which live on today: the architectural marvel that is known as the Winchester Mystery House (San Jose) and the William Wirt Winchester Annex for Tuberculosis that was named for her deceased husband, in West Haven, Connecticut. Though the hospital itself no longer exists, the fund Sarah created for its maintenance continues to support the Winchester Chest Clinic, now part of the Yale New Haven Hospital.

Though Sarah is most famous for the Winchester Mystery House's storied renovations, her philanthropic achievements and personal story remain virtually unknown. In this lecture, Bennett Jacobstein will introduce the real Sarah Winchester, dispel some myths, and explain her true legacy.

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