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Season Finale: Evil Under the Sun
With Special Guest Matthew Kennedy

Who among these 30s-era vacationers will end up the corpse and who will be revealed as the murderer? The Noel Coward-like gossip columnist? The doughtily British military man or his unhappy teenage daughter? How about the beautiful-but-nasty theatrical star, or the studly young husband with the jealous, plain-jane wife? Or could it be brassy ex-showgirl and former mistress of the “King of Tyrannia” who now owns and runs the Adriatic hotel where they’ve all convened? Fortunately, the egg-shaped Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, played with comic elegance by Peter Ustinov, is on hand to untangle it all. Familiar faces include Maggie Smith, Roddy McDowell, Diana Rigg, Jane Birken, James Mason and Sylvia Miles, all having an absolutely wonderful time in this delightful Agatha Christie adaptation.


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