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We Demand: the Suffrage Road Trip
with Anne Gass

Join Maine author Anne B. Gass as she discusses her new book We Demand: the Suffrage Road Trip based on the true story of an epic cross-country trip that took place in 1915. It was America's first trans-continental car trip for a cause- to demand that Congress pass an amendment to the US Constitution enfranchising women.

The story unfolds through the eyes of Ingeborg Kindstedt and Maria Kindberg, middle-aged Swedish immigrants who own the car, do all the driving, and fix what goes wrong. The roads are often bad, and the weather is worse. They lose their way in a trackless Nevada desert, get stuck in the mud in Kansas, and have many other adventures.
We Demand is a tribute to the grit and determination of the women who made the trip and the suffrage movement that launched it.
Anne B. Gass considers herself a “women’s rights history activist.” She loves sharing what she’s learned about this rich and complex history with others. She is the author of We Demand: The Suffrage Road Trip, a novel based on the true story of a 1915 road trip for the suffrage cause.  Her first book was Voting Down the Rose: Florence Brooks Whitehouse and Maine’s Fight for Woman Suffrage, published in 2014. Florence was her great-grandmother, and was a Maine suffrage leader from 1913-1920. Gass is a frequent lecturer on suffrage history, is active in promoting women’s history and equality, and serves as Vice-Chair of the Gray Town Council.

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