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Wednesday Night Blitz

Wednesday, January 2, 2019 to Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Currently on summer break, resumes Aug 28th.

First round starts promptly at 6:45 pm
Regular entry time: 6:30 pm — 6:45 pm

  • Late entry now okay; no entry cut-off time
  • Now open to non-members
  • 5 round (6 round if time and number of players permits) double game Swiss System. Players ranked by approximate strength at organizer's discretion. Unpaired players that are not entering a given round late will receive a 2 points bye if they remain unpaired for that round.
  • Mechanics' Institute 4th Floor Chess Club, 57 Post Street, San Francisco
  • Time Control: G/3min (w/2sec inc) preferred if supported by clock being used; otherwise G/5min (no inc.) if no other clock is available.
  • Tournament is unrated and will follow WBCA rules
  • Entry Fee: Members $7 with clock; $8 without clock. Non-Members $9 with clock; $10 without clock
  • Prizes (All players eligible to win): 1st place 50%; 2nd place 30%; 3rd place 20% of all base entry fees ($7 per player) collected.
  • Any prizes not claimed before the blitz tournament on the following Wednesday will then be added to that week's prize fund.
  • Late Entry Policy: There is currently no longer any late entry cut-off time. Late arriving players will be immediately paired with an unpaired player (if there is one). The late arriving player will play either two, one or zero games in the current round depending on the amount of time left in the current round. Any late arriving player that remains unpaired in their initial round of play will receive either two points (less than 5 minutes late), one point (between 5-15 minutes late) or zero points (more than 15 minutes late) for the round based on how late they arrived during their initial round of play. Players entering late will not be given double point byes for rounds already completed. Rounds end when all initially paired players for that round have finished (not to be less than 20 minutes per round).
  • If you want more information or to receive the weekly email about the event, contact Jules Jelinek at
Mechanics' Institute