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New eBooks for June 2023


Harper Lee To kill a mockingbird
Emiko Jean Mika in Real Life : a novel
John Davies The red atlas : how the Soviet Union secretly mapped the world
Christine Barker Third girl from the left : a memoir
Alison Bechdel Fun home : A family tragicomic
Alison Bechdel Are you my mother? : a comic drama
Hubert A man's skin
Paul Auster The red notebook : true stories
Umberto Eco The name of the rose
Bertrand Russell Understanding History : and Other Essays.
Russell Baker Growing up
Ernest Hemingway Men without women
Richard Marsten Big man
Ed McBain Criminal conversation
Evan Hunter Don't crowd me
Ed McBain Doors
Richard Marsten Even the wicked
Ed McBain Every Little Crook and Nanny.
Ed McBain Fiddlers : a novel of the 87th Precinct
Ed McBain Fuzz
Evan Hunter Horse's head
Chris Waring How Pi Can Save Your Life Using Math to Survive Plane Crashes, Zombie Attacks, Alien Encounters, and Other Improbable Real-World Situations.
Curt Cannon I like 'em tough
Bryan Cogman Inside HBO's Game of thrones
Evan Hunter Jungle kids
Ed McBain Learning to kill : stories
Ed McBain A matter of conviction
Ed McBain The Mcbain brief
Richard Marsten Murder in the Navy
Ed McBain Nobody knew they were there
Ed McBain Privileged Conversation.
Ed McBain Runaway
John Abbot Scimitar
Richard Marsten Spiked heel
Ed McBain Vanishing Ladies.
Brontez Purnell Since I laid my burden down
Priya Sharma All the fabulous beasts
Elizabeth Hand Available dark
George Fong A blind eye
Eva Montealegre Body on the backlot
Anthony Boucher The case of the seven sneezes : a Fergus O'Breen mystery
Brian P Klaas The despot's accomplice : how the West is aiding and abetting the decline of democracy
Jonathan Stagge The dogs do bark
Lynda La Plante Backlash : an Anna Travis novel
Lynda La Plante Blood line
Jim Nally Dance with the dead : A pc donal lynch thriller
David S Butler Explain pain
Lynda La Plante Prime suspect 2 : a face in the crowd
Lynda La Plante Prime suspect 3 : silent victims
Lynda La Plante Prime suspect
Lynda La Plante Wrongful death
Mahatma Gandhi Mahatma gandhi autobiography: the story of my experiments with truth
John Lahr Notes on a cowardly lion : the biography of Bert Lahr
G Lorimer Moseley Painful yarns : metaphors & stories to help understand the biology of pain
Paul Bowles The sheltering sky : with a preface by the author
Paul Bowles The stories of Paul Bowles
Damien Lewis Churchill's great escapes : Seven incredible escapes made by wwii heroes
S Joshi Civil War Memories : Nineteen Stories Of Battle, Bravery, Love, And Tragedy
Stephen E Ambrose Crazy Horse and Custer : the parallel lives of two American warriors

Posted on Jul. 10, 2023 by Heather Miles