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New Non-Fiction For This Week



Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Jane Hall Breaking ground: architecture by women 720.82 H140

Biography & Genealogy
Ingrid Seward Prince Philip revealed 941.085 P551s
Tom Gallagher Salazar: the dictator who refused to die 946.9 S316g

Business & Economics
Philip Coggan More: a history of the world economy from the Iron Age to the Information Age 330.9 C656
Mauro F Guillén 2030: how today's biggest trends will collide and reshape the future of everything 330.9 G946
Dan Price Worth it : how a million-dollar pay cut and a $70,000 minimum wage revealed a better way of doing business 331.2 P931

Health & Medicine
Ruth Coker Burks All the young men: a memoir of love, AIDS, and chosen family in the American South 362.19 B919

Meredith F Small Inventing the world: Venice and the transformation of Western civilization 945.31 S63
Jerome Slater Mythologies without end: the US, Israel, and the Arab-Israeli conflict, 1917-2020 956.04 S151
Douglas Boin Alaric the Goth: an outsider's history of the fall of Rome 937 A121b
James Sullivan Unsinkable: five men and the indomitable run of the USS Plunkett 940.5459 S531
David Reynolds Island stories: an unconventional history of Britain 941 R46

Home & Family Management
Charles Byers DIY for renters: don't call the landlord: a renter's guide to repairs and personalizations that won't break your lease 643.7 B991
Nina Montenegro Mending life: a handbook for repairing clothes and hearts 646.3 M764

Literature & Writing
Gretel Ehrlich Unsolaced: along the way to all that is 818 E33u
Joanna Rakoff My Salinger year 818.603 R137
Patrick Wright Sea View has me again: Uwe Johnson in Sheerness 833 J630w

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
David Attenborough A life on our planet: my witness statement and a vision for the future 508 A884L

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Casey Schwartz Attention: a love story 153.733 S399

Social Sciences & Current Events
Alicia Garza The purpose of power: how we come together when we fall apart 303.484 G199
Kenya Hunt Girl gurl grrrl: on womanhood and belonging in the age of black girl magic 305.48 H911
Micah Goodman The wondering Jew: Israel and the search for Jewish identity 305.892 G621
Elon Green Last call: a true story of love, lust, and murder in queer New York 364.152 G820
Colin Bryar Working backwards: insights, stories, and secrets from inside Amazon 381.14 B842


Blair Imani Making our way home: the Great Migration and the Black American dream Child 973.0496 I18

Posted on Apr. 15, 2021 by Cherilyn Chang