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New Titles List for the Week of August 6


Jonas Jonasson Hitman Anders & the meaning of it all
Chico Buarque My German brother
Wolfgang Hilbig The tidings of the trees

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Nicholas Irving Reaper: ghost target

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Muriel Barbery The life of elves
Kristen Simmons Pacifica

Short Stories
Jamel Brinkley A lucky man
Akil Kumarasamy Half gods

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
Amy Shira Teitel Breaking the chains of gravity: the story of spaceflight before NASA 629.409 T235

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Gustav Klimt: the complete paintings 709.2 K648na
Robert J. Lang Origami design secrets: mathematical methods for an ancient art 736.982 L271or
Charles O'Brien Houses: an architectural guide 720 O62
Alex Potts Experiments in modern realism: world-making, politics & the everyday in postwar European & American art 759.06 P857
Arlene Sanderson (editor) Wright sites: a guide to Frank Lloyd Wright public places 720.92 W94sa

Business & Economics
Dawn Fotopulos Accounting for the numberphobic: a survival guide for small business owners 657.9042 F82
Richard Striner Hard times: economic depressions in America 338.54 S862
Henry A. Rosso Hank Rosso's Achieving excellence in fund raising 658.152 R737

Don Schultz Chessdon: forty years of my most interesting chess experiences 794.1092 S3871
Adorjan Andras Black is back! 794.1 A24b
Leonid Verkhovsky Draw!: the art of the half-point in chess 794.15 V589

Computer Science
Rob Miller Text processing with Ruby: extract value from the data that surrounds you 005.1 R89m

Food & Drink
Deirdre Greene The half-pint guide to craft breweries: Northern California 663.42 G799

Health & Medicine
Mark Green The Tai chi healing Bible: a step-by-step guide to achieving physical & mental balance 613.71 G820
Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre Yoga 613.7 Y546

Herrick Chapman France's long reconstruction: in search of the modern republic 944.082 C366
A.H.M. Jones Constantine & the conversion of Europe 937.08 J710
Pieter M. Judson The Habsburg empire: a new history 943.6 J921

Home & Family Management
Jane Jacobs The death & life of great American cities 711.4 J175 2011
Vital little plans: the short works of Jane Jacobs 711.4 J175v

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Matthew J. James Collecting evolution: the Galapagos expedition that vindicated Darwin 508.866 J231
Omar W. Nasim Observing by hand: sketching the nebulae in the nineteenth century 523.1135 N178

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
Chang Po-tuan Understanding reality: a Taoist alchemical classic 299.51 Z632
Andrew Newberg Words can change your brain: 12 conversation strategies to build trust, resolve conflict & increase intimacy 153.6 N534

Politics & Government
Stephanie Feldman (editor) Who will speak for America? 320.973 F312
Dmitri Trenin Should we fear Russia? 327.47 T723

Social Sciences & Current Events
Alice Bolin Dead girls: essays on surviving American obsession 305.4097 B638
Nikki Jones The chosen ones: Black men & the politics of redemption 305.388 J710
Tania Romanov Mother tongue: a saga of three generations of Balkan women 306.8743 R662
Arlene Stein Unbound: transgender men & the remaking of identity 306.76 S8191

Travel & Geography
Hermann Hesse Singapore dream & other adventures: travel writings from an Asian journey 915.904 H463

* * * * *


Ellen Oh (editor) Flying lessons & other stories Child Oh

* * * * *

Emily Giffin All we ever wanted CD Fic Giffin

* * * * *

Isle of dogs

Love, Simon

God's own country
I, Daniel Blake
Night & the city

Foreign Language
Thérèse DVD French

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
A quiet place
A wrinkle in time

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It Comes at Night

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