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New Titles List for the Week of January 29


Jane Hamilton The excellent Lombards
Charles Portis Masters of Atlantis
David Szalay London & the south-east
Aliya Whiteley The beauty
Steve Yarbrough The unmade world

Mystery, Suspense, Espionage & Intrigue
Jonathan Moore The night market
Nick Petrie Light it up
Michael Pronko The last train
Leila Slimani The perfect nanny
Lara Dearman The Devil's Claw
Robert Harris Munich

Short Stories
Philip K. Dick We can remember it for you wholesale Fic Dick
Denis Johnson The largesse of the sea maiden Fic Johnson

Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Comic Strips
Larry Gonick Hypercapitalism: the modern economy, its values & how to change them 330.12 G638 comics
Cyril Pedrosa Portugal 741.5 P372 comics

* * * * *

Applied Sciences
Erica McAlister The secret life of flies 595.77 M114
Christoph Ribbat Flickering light: a history of neon 621.32 R483

Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Andrew J. Clark Understanding Greek vases: a guide to terms, styles & techniques 738.3 C592
B.F. Cook The Elgin marbles 733 C771
Donald Scarinci Coin of the Year: Celebrating Three Decades of the Best in Coin Design & Craftsmanship 737.4 S285

Biography & Genealogy
Stephen Davis Gold dust woman: the biography of Stevie Nicks 92 N632
Hans Magnus Enzensberger Tumult 92 E619

Business & Economics
Chris Guillebeau Side hustle: from idea to income in 27 days 658.1 G958
Josh Ryan-Collins Rethinking the economics of land & housing 333.3 R988
Carl J. Schramm Burn the business plan: what great entrepreneurs really do 658.11 S377

Jesus de la Villa Dismantling the Sicilian: a complete modern repertoire for white 794.122 V712

Computer Science
Tariq Rashid Make your own neural network 006.32 R224

Food & Drink
America's Test Kitchen, Kitchen hacks: how clever cooks get things done 641.5 A512k
Fannie Merritt Farmer Fannie Farmer 1896 cook book 641.5 F233
Ken Forkish The elements of pizza: unlocking the secrets to world-class pies at home 641.82 F721

Health & Medicine
Carolyn Thomas A woman's guide to living with heart disease 616.12 T454
Irvin D. Yalom Becoming myself: a psychiatrist's memoir 616.89 Y191

Richard Hurley California & the Civil War 979.404 H965
Daniel C. Kramer Staten Island: conservative bastion in a liberal city 974.71 K894
Joshua Levine Dunkirk: the history behind the major motion picture 940.542 L665
Amelia Sue Marshall East Bay hills: a brief history 979.465 M367
Jennifer Rudolph (editor) The China questions: critical insights into a rising power 951.06 R917
Iain Sinclair The last London: true fictions from an unreal city 942.1 S616L
Eric Hazan The Invention of Paris: a history in footsteps 944.36 H428
Alan West-Durán Cuba: a cultural history 972.91 W516

Languages & Linguistics
David Burke More street French: slang, idioms & popular expletives 447 B959m
David Burke Street French: how to speak & understand French slang 447 B959

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
David Lee Nature's fabric: leaves in science & culture 581.4 L477

Performing Arts & Music
June Carolyn Erlick Telenovelas in pan-Latino context 791.45 E69

Philosophy, Psychology & Religion
David Berlinski The Devil's delusion: atheism & its scientific pretensions 215 B515
Mark Epstein Advice not given: a guide to getting over yourself 294.34 E645
Michael Furie Supermarket magic: creating spells, brews, potions & powders from everyday ingredients 133.4 F984
Anjali Kumar Stalking God: my unorthodox search for something to believe in 204.092 K963
Hugo Mercier The enigma of reason 128.3 M555
Thich Nhat Hanh How to love 294.3 N576
Julia Samuel Grief works: stories of life, death & surviving 155.93 S193

Politics & Government
Dinesh D'Souza The big lie: exposing the Nazi roots of the American left 320.51 D811
David Frum Trumpocracy: the corruption of the American republic 973.933 F944
Michael Wolff Fire & fury: inside the Trump White House 973.933 W855

Social Sciences & Current Events
Scott Adams Win bigly: persuasion in a world where facts don't matter 303.34 A211
Susan Wise Bauer Rethinking school: how to take charge of your child's education 371.19 B344
Vyvyan Evans The Emoji code: the linguistics behind smiley faces & scaredy cats 302.222 E924
Amy Goldstein Janesville: an American story 330.977 G624
Jim Motavalli High voltage: the fast track to plug in the auto industry 338.4762 M917
Christine Negroni The crash detectives: investigating the world's most mysterious air disasters 363.124 N394
The Women's March Together we rise: behind the scenes at the protest heard round the world 305.42 W872
Chantal Trubert-Tollu The House of Worth 1858-1954: the birth of haute couture 391 T865

Travel & Geography
Eyewitness Australia 919.4 E975
Eyewitness Brazil 918.1 E975
Eyewitness Czech & Slovak Republics 914.37 E975

* * * * *

Min Jin Lee Pachinko Large Print Lee

* * * * *


Cory Taylor Dying: a memoir CD 128.5 T238

* * * * *

Robert Bausch In the Fall They Come Back
Elizabeth Berg The story of Arthur Truluv
Marc Cameron Tom Clancy's power & empire
Andrea Camilleri The pyramid of mud
David Casarett The missing guests of the Magic Grove hotel
Jennifer Chiaverini Enchantress of numbers
C.J. Cooke I know my name
Robert Crais The wanted
Garry Disher Signal loss
Harry Dolan The man in the crooked hat
Karen Ellis Map of the dark
Sam Graham-Felsen Green
Andrew Grant False witness
Nick Harkaway Gnomon
Robert Harris Munich
Denis Johnson The largesse of the sea maiden
Rachel Joyce The music shop
Jayne Ann Krentz Promise not to tell
Mira T. Lee Everything here is beautiful
Lawrence H. Levy Last stop in Brooklyn
Peter Lovesey Beau Death
Martin Merz Little Reunions
Jonathan Moore The night market
Katherine Hall Page The body in the casket
Nick Petrie Light it up
Douglas Preston City of endless night
Deanna Raybourn A treacherous curse
P.Z. Reizin Happiness for humans
Elif Shafak Three Daughters of Eve
Sam Shepard Spy of the first person
Brad Taylor Operator down
C. J. Tudor The chalk man
Tursten, Helene Protected by the Shadows
Andy Weir Artemis
Tim Wirkus The infinite future
Stuart Woods Unbound
Leni Zumas Red Clocks

* * * * *


Tai chi: 6 forms ; 6 easy lessons DVD 613.71 T12
Tai chi: the 24 forms DVD 613.71 T129

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