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The Say Hey Kid and Other Baseball Legends

Many years ago I met Willie Mays at a Baseball Hall of Fame media event. When my husband introduced me to Mays, I knew that I was shaking hands with a legend. How I wished I knew more about baseball so I could say something intelligent instead of being completely speechless. As it was, my children were clamoring for Mays' autograph. This gentle man, who has probably been asked that question countless times, very generously obliged.  

If you are a baseball fan or just want to know more about one of baseball's most legendary figures, don't miss Mechanics' Institute's librarian Taryn Edwards' interview with San Francisco Chronicle writer John Shea this Thursday, June 25 from 12:00-1:00 pm. Shea recently published 24: Life Stories and Lessons From the Say Hey Kid. During this live virtual event, Shea will discuss his collaboration with Willie Mays on writing the new memoir. The online program is free but registration is required for members and the general public.

You can find Willie Mays' new memoir in the Library's catalog along with these digital titles on baseball and baseball legends:

For the Good of the Game: The Inside Story of the Surprising and Dramatic Transformation of Major League Baseball by Bud Selig - Baseball Hall of Famer Bud Selig provides an inside assessment of professional baseball, revealing how he worked with players, managers, fellow owners, and fans to bring the game into the modern age.

Dinner With DiMaggio: Memories of an American Hero by Dr. Rock Positano and John Positano - A candid and personal memoir written by a DiMaggio family friend. 


Posted on Jun. 23, 2020 by Celeste Steward