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2020 Mechanics' Summer Scholastic Championship - ONLINE

Saturday, August 15, 2020


2020 Mechanics' Summer Scholastic Chess Championship Online


Come join us for this fun event! All games played online on chesskid.com in a safe environment. We want kids to be able to play, have fun, compete, make friends and keep the scholastic community together in the Bay Area through chess. 

If your child has never played online no worries, we can guide you through the process. Once your child has an account, they are eligible to particpate in not only this tournament, but in Mechanics' weekly scholastic tournaments as well.



via Jumbula: https://mechanics-institute.jumbula.com/2020OnlineTournament/MechanicsSummerScholasticOnlineChampionshipAug15SAT10AM

Registration deadline: Friday 8PM SHARP! No exceptions, no late registrations.


Sections & Time control:

Section USCF Online Rated Time control # of Rounds Start Time
1000+ Yes G/15+5 6 10AM
under1000 Yes G/15+5 6 10AM
under500 Yes G/15+5 6 10AM

USCF Online rated - only affecting USCF online rapid rating, NOT the regular rating. Current USCF membership is needed.



Trophies to Top 10 players in each section.
Top Girl in each section.
Trophies will be available for pickup at the club after Mechanics' Institute reopens. Trophies cannot be delivered or mailed.

Fee: $25

USCF membership required for the USCF online rated sections.

--> Purhcase your USCF memberships here & Support Mechanics': https://mechanics-institute.jumbula.com/Tournaments2020/USCFMemberships


Live Broadcast via Twitch.tv with amazing hosts FM Paul Whitehead and Abel Talamantez: https://www.twitch.tv/mechanicschess



Chesskid.com is a safe, secure and fun platform for kids to learn and play chess, and participate in a wide variety of activities, including listening to lectures, doing puzzles, play with their friends, and participate in online tournaments. Please see instructions how to join the platform below.


Organziers: Senior TD, FA Abel Talamantez, and Senior TD, FA Dr. Judit Sztaray


Trophy Pick-up

Trophies earned as part of the 2020 Mechanics' Summer Scholastic Championship will only be available for pick up at the Mechanics' Institute in person, and only after it has re-opened. We will notify winners when the building is open, as well as the hours available for trophy pick up, which will likely include weekends. Trophies will not be mailed out by special request.
Fair Play Rules
All games in a chess competition require that fairness prevail, and that people do not use outside sources or help in any way. This is particularly true in online competition. We expect all players and parents to help us protect the integrity of the competition by making sure everything is done so that all games are played fairly and without the help of computers or other people. 
To help ensure this, all games from the rated championship section will be verified for fair play by Dr. Kenneth W. Regan, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo. He is one of the leading experts in detecting fair play violations in chess. We will post tentative results at the conclusion of the tournament . We will post final results when the fair play screening is complete. We expect this to be completed about 3-5 after the conclusion of the tournament.
Players who have been found violating fair play will be removed from Mechanics' Institute Chess Club's online clubs.
Games that were played by players with fair play violation will be marked as loss, will be reported for online rating as such, and opponents' scores will be adjusted.
For some helpful links regarding fair play, please check these out:

How to join ChessKid?

Mechanics' Institute Chess Club on chesskid.com:

GROUP:  https://www.chesskid.com/groups/sub/mechanics-institute

CLUB: https://www.chesskid.com/club/home/mechanics-chess-club

How to join our group & club?

If you are new: click on this link: https://www.chesskid.com/register/kid/group/QCJJNH

If you already have an account: registration key:  QCJJNH

  • Have the Kid log in to his own account & click the grey Settings icon. **They’ll need to log in from a browser for access to this page.**
  • Click “Do you have a Group Registration Key”
  • Enter the 6 digit Registration Key & click Save. The kid will be added to your Group.

If you already have an account - and you don't have a place to put the registration - need to make Mechanics' as secondary guardian

  • From your Parent account Home screen:
  • Click the "Kids" tab.
  • Select the "Edit Kid" option from the menu next to the kid account to which you'd like to add a guardian.
  • Click the "Edit Guardianship" option on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter 'chessroom@milibrary.org' & select "Add Guardian." This adds them as an additional Guardian; you remain the Primary Guardian of the account.



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