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The Blitz Tournament of the Americas

Saturday, August 15, 2020


The Blitz Tournament of the Americas

Saturday, August 15 on


Promote high quality chess 

and bring masters together from all over the Americas.


Join us on Saturday August 15th as we unite the chess masters of North, Central and South America in a celebration of online chess and the power of chess to empower and unite communities.

The Blitz Tournament of the Americas is a free online blitz event open to any titled player from North, Central or South America.

Organized by the Mechanics' Institute in partnership with Kmada Chess and Chess Sin Fronteras, this free event will be broadcast both in English and Spanish. 

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Tournament Details:

  • Date: Saturday August 15 @3:00PM Pacific Time, 15:00PST
  • Format: 9SS G/3 +2
  • One open section, open to any titled player, either FIDE or by players National Federation.
  • Entry fee: Free
  • Chief TD: FA Dr. Judit Sztaray, Asst. TD: FA Abel Talamantez
  • Mission: To promote high quality chess and bring masters together in competition from all over the Americas. 
Join us in helping bring communities together through chess, and helping showcase the power of chess to inspire, empower, and overcome. 
Follow the tournament through the club:


Final Tentative Results - pending fair play review:

# Name Fed Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Rd 9 Total T-Sonneborn
1 GM Juan Carlos Obregon Rivero CUB W58 W39 W25 W3 W12 W5 W18 L2 W11 8.0 44.5
2 GM Conrad Holt USA W83 W32 W79 L24 D6 W25 W19 W1 W5 7.5 37.25
3 IM Andrew Hong USA W34 W28 D9 L1 W47 W20 D4 W30 W16 7.0 37
4 FM Kyron Griffith USA W44 L5 W58 D46 W36 W26 D3 W18 W12 7.0 35
5 GM Andres Felipe Gallego Gallego COL W13 W4 W14 W19 W24 L1 W10 D12 L2 6.5 38.5
6 GM Enrico Sevillano USA W7 D40 W30 W9 D2 D19 L11 W36 W21 6.5 36.25
7 FM Kelvin Sánchez VEN L6 W84 W45 W8 L23 W29 D21 W24 W26 6.5 30.25
8 GM Aramis Alvarez CUB W62 W15 L23 L7 D37 W77 W64 W19 W9 6.5 29.25
9 NM Kirk Ghazarian USA W56 W17 D3 L6 D15 W34 W27 W10 L8 6.0 32.5
10 CM Sriram Krishnakumar USA W72 D18 W11 W16 W20 D24 L5 L9 W29 6.0 31
11 IM Christopher Woojin Yoo STP W47 L25 L10 W38 W52 W28 W6 W23 L1 6.0 29
12 FM Anish Vivekananthan RUS W37 D27 W40 W23 L1 W48 W24 D5 L4 6.0 28.75
13 NM Kevin Pan USA L5 W44 W28 D32 W40 D46 L14 W53 W36 6.0 27
14 FM Javier Benitez Lozano MEX W68 W49 L5 L17 W63 W35 W13 L16 W25 6.0 26.5
15 WGM Lisandra Ordaz CUB W59 L8 D48 W75 D9 L21 W45 W31 W23 6.0 25
16 FM Dachey Lin USA W64 L19 W52 L10 W83 W59 W25 W14 L3 6.0 24
17 FM Alberto Salazar NIC W88 L9 W60 W14 L25 W50 L23 W48 W33 6.0 23.5
18 FM Guannan Song CAN W70 D10 D74 W80 W50 W23 L1 L4 W30 6.0 23.25
19 NM Linden Li USA W76 W16 W36 L5 W34 D6 L2 L8 W41 5.5 25.75
20 FM Ladia Jirasek USA D38 W42 W22 W26 L10 L3 L37 W56 W39 5.5 25.75
21 GM Dmitry Gurevich USA L45 W68 W83 L47 W49 W15 D7 W37 L6 5.5 22.75
22 WIM Ann Lindsay Chumpitaz Carbajal PER D61 W86 L20 L40 W38 L36 W43 W63 W53 5.5 19.75
23 IM Abhimanyu Mishra USA W54 W45 W8 L12 W7 L18 W17 L11 L15 5.0 27
24 GM Patrick Wolff USA W73 W52 W46 W2 L5 D10 L12 L7 D32 5.0 24
25 NM Jeevan Karamsetty USA W67 W11 L1 W37 W17 L2 L16 W51 L14 5.0 23.5
26 IM Greg Shahade USA W51 D74 W27 L20 W32 L4 D53 W34 L7 5.0 22.25
27 NM Marcos Ortiz NIC W69 D12 L26 D70 W41 W31 L9 L33 W51 5.0 21
28 NM Gabriel Sam USA W31 L3 L13 W43 W70 L11 L51 W45 W49 5.0 20.5
29 NM Conrado Diaz USA U--- W54 L34 W42 W51 L7 W49 W47 L10 5.0 20.5
30 IM Carlos Andres Perdomo USA D86 W38 L6 W39 D31 W56 W46 L3 L18 5.0 20.25
31 WFM Fiorella Contreras Huaman PER L28 W64 W62 D74 D30 L27 W35 L15 W52 5.0 19.75
32 CM Vyom Vidyarthi USA W81 L2 W33 D13 L26 L39 W68 W64 D24 5.0 19
33 IM Elliott Winslow USA L46 W87 L32 W44 L53 W69 W50 W27 L17 5.0 17.5
34 FM Andy Lee USA L3 W85 W29 W79 L19 L9 W70 L26 W56 5.0 16
35 WCM Alice Lee USA W57 L36 L41 W81 W78 L14 L31 W73 W50 5.0 15
36 FM Balaji Daggupati USA W63 W35 L19 D77 L4 W22 W39 L6 L13 4.5 19.75
37 NM Jorge de Jesus Perez Marimon CUB L12 W82 W53 L25 D8 W40 W20 L21 U--- 4.5 19.25
38 WFM Munkhchuluu Tsegmed MNG D20 L30 W61 L11 L22 W66 W40 L39 W59 4.5 17.75
39 NM Michael Aigner USA W71 L1 D70 L30 W66 W32 L36 W38 L20 4.5 17.5
40 IM Ali Farahat USA W90 D6 L12 W22 L13 L37 L38 W54 W58 4.5 16.25
41 NM Oscar Jesus Roldan Luna MEX L79 W72 W35 L48 L27 D76 W75 W59 L19 4.5 15.25
42 CM Nabí Isaías Pérez Torres MEX W50 L20 L80 L29 L44 W82 W69 D65 W64 4.5 14.25
43 WIM Tania Regla Hernandez Alvarez CRI U--- D75 D78 L28 D61 W55 L22 W76 W65 4.5 14
44 CM Mauricio Marrujo VEN L4 L13 W90 L33 W42 L45 W66 D58 W63 4.5 13.25
45 CM Rohan Rajaram USA W21 L23 L7 W60 L59 W44 L15 L28 W67 4.0 16.5
46 FM Josiah Stearman USA W33 W77 L24 D4 W74 D13 L30 U--- U--- 4.0 16.5
47 NM Siddharth Arun USA L11 W66 W73 W21 L3 D53 D48 L29 U--- 4.0 16
48 CM Ryan Amburgy USA L49 W61 D15 W41 W77 L12 D47 L17 U--- 4.0 15.5
49 FM William Alfaro NIC W48 L14 W59 L50 L21 W54 L29 W68 L28 4.0 14.5
50 CM Daniel Herman USA L42 W67 W51 W49 L18 L17 L33 W70 L35 4.0 14
51 IM Benjamin Gongora Montes MEX L26 W69 L50 W76 L29 W67 W28 L25 L27 4.0 13.5
52 IM Alvaro Blanco MEX W60 L24 L16 W67 L11 W73 L56 W62 L31 4.0 13
53 FM Marco zapata Ferrada CHL U--- W90 L37 W73 W33 D47 D26 L13 L22 4.0 12.5
54 WCM Anika Rajaram USA L23 L29 W85 L59 W71 L49 W60 L40 W70 4.0 11.5
55 FM Jorge Arturo Vega Garcia MEX U--- U--- U--- U--- W86 L43 W61 W75 W68 4.0 10.5
56 WCM Claudia Munoz USA L9 L60 W69 W89 W80 L30 W52 L20 L34 4.0 10
57 NM César Arturo García Rosas MEX L35 L63 L67 W90 L68 L58 W82 W69 W76 4.0 7.5
58 CM Advay Bansal USA L1 W71 L4 L78 L76 W57 W67 D44 L40 3.5 12.25
59 NM Abhishek Mallela USA L15 W81 L49 W54 W45 L16 D63 L41 L38 3.5 11.75
60 WCM Alexandra Naira Prado Serrano BOL L52 W56 L17 L45 L81 W85 L54 W84 D62 3.5 9.75
61 NM Helen Montiel PRY D22 L48 L38 D62 D43 L75 L55 W87 W84 3.5 9.75
62 NM Alejandro Waldo MEX L8 D78 L31 D61 L69 W71 W81 L52 D60 3.5 9.5
63 CM Anthony Rozenvasser USA L36 W57 L77 W87 L14 W81 D59 L22 L44 3.5 8.75
64 WIM Rochelle Wu USA L16 L31 W82 D66 W75 W74 L8 L32 L42 3.5 8.75
65 FM Lenin González Arroyo MEX U--- U--- U--- U--- W85 W87 W76 D42 L43 3.5 7.75
66 WIM Thais Castillo Morales CRI U--- L47 W91 D64 L39 L38 L44 W72 W75 3.5 7.25
67 FM Gustavo Hector Garza Ramo Maass USA L25 L50 W57 L52 W88 L51 L58 W71 L45 3.0 8
68 NMe Manas Paldhe IND L14 L21 L87 W86 W57 W83 L32 L49 L55 3.0 7.5
69 NM Vanessa Descarrega Zacarias VEN L27 L51 L56 W72 W62 L33 L42 L57 W89 3.0 7.5
70 WCM Omya Vidyarthi USA L18 W91 D39 D27 L28 W84 L34 L50 L54 3.0 6.75
71 CM Nelson Muñoz PAN L39 L58 L81 W82 L54 L62 W89 L67 W87 3.0 4
72 WCM Bitia Esther Cruz Castro HND L10 L41 L84 L69 L82 W89 W87 L66 W78 3.0 4
73 CM Pranav Senthilkumar USA L24 W88 L47 L53 W87 L52 W84 L35 U--- 3.0 4
74 GM Michael Rohde USA W85 D26 D18 D31 L46 L64 U--- U--- U--- 2.5 10
75 NM Rodrigo Del Puerto ARG U--- D43 W86 L15 L64 W61 L41 L55 L66 2.5 7.25
76 NM Victor Emmanue Aguilar Mosivais MEX L19 L83 W88 L51 W58 D41 L65 L43 L57 2.5 6.75
77 NM Kevin Yang USA W87 L46 W63 D36 L48 L8 U--- U--- U--- 2.5 6.75
78 NM Ismael Roberto Acosta Perez CUB L80 D62 D43 W58 L35 U--- U--- U--- L72 2.0 7.5
79 NM Vinesh Ravuri USA W41 W80 L2 L34 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 2.0 6.5
80 NM Enrique AlfonsoFonseca Manrique MEX W78 L79 W42 L18 L56 U--- U--- U--- U--- 2.0 6.5
81 NM Victor Salomon Vargas Sotelo ECU L32 L59 W71 L35 W60 L63 L62 U--- U--- 2.0 6.5
82 WFM Carolina Torres Hernandez HND U--- L37 L64 L71 W72 L42 L57 U--- W85 2.0 5
83 NM Jason Metpally USA L2 W76 L21 W84 L16 L68 U--- U--- U--- 2.0 4.5
84 WFM Miriam Parkhurst Casas MEX U--- L7 W72 L83 W89 L70 L73 L60 L61 2.0 4
85 WIM Andrea Ortez SLV L74 L34 L54 L88 L65 L60 B--- W89 L82 2.0 1
86 WCM Patricia Castillo DOM D30 L22 L75 L68 L55 W88 U--- U--- U--- 1.5 3.5
87 CM Clarence Lehman USA L77 L33 W68 L63 L73 L65 L72 L61 L71 1.0 3
88 NM Javier Omar Gonzalez Carrillo MEX L17 L73 L76 W85 L67 L86 U--- U--- U--- 1.0 2
89 IM Navarro Mónica Segura VEN U--- U--- B--- L56 L84 L72 L71 L85 L69 1.0 0
90 NM Michael S Walder USA L40 L53 L44 L57 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0 0
91 WFM MarjoireJ. Bocangel PER U--- L70 L66 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0 0




Confirmed players as of 8/15 1:30PM PT

If anything incorrect or if you have not been getting our emails regarding event details, please email us ASAP: chessroom @
No more updates after this point.



  Title First Last Country FIDE rating Chesscom
1 GM Cristhian Arnaldo Cruz Sanchez Peru 2568 cristhiancruzsanchez
2 GM Patrick Wolff USA 2552 PWG-in-SF
3 GM Conrad Holt USA 2549 dretch
4 GM Isan Reynaldo Ortiz suarez Cuba 2545 crackcubano
5 GM Omar Almeida Quintana Cuba 2535 GMALMEIDA
6 GM Juan Carlos Obregon Rivero Mexico 2520 theredking89
7 GM Andres Felipe Gallego Alcaraz Colombia 2512 Afgano29
8 IM Henry Soto Hernandez Cuba 2476 ThePunisherxx
9 IM Greg Shahade USA 2476 gregshahade
10 GM Carlos Hevia Alejano Cuba 2467 chessasuke
11 IM Mariano Ortega Amarelle Cape Verde 2458 marianokar
12 IM Christopher Yoo USA 2455 ChristopherYoo
13 GM Enrico Sevilano USA 2446 taxidermist
14 IM Andrew Hong USA 2444 SpeedofLight0
15 IM Humberto Blanco Ronquillo Cuba 2442 hblanco
16 GM Aramis Alvarez Pedraza Cuba 2440 pollo2016
17 IM Yassel Borges Feria Feria Cuba 2439 TopBlitz
18 FM Marco Zapata Ferrada Chile 2410 Rogerfedererchi
19 FM Cristian Vitier Cuba 2406 RobinsonVV93
20 IM Ali Farahat USA 2404 Ali-Farahat
21 GM Dmitry Gurevich USA 2399 Zq1
22 IM Santiago Avila Pavas Colombia 2393 caracternin123
23 FM Jerzy Jesus Perez Leiva Venezuela 2384 jjplo3
24 IM Lisandro Fernandez Reyes Ecuador 2379 Fernandez1983
25 IM Keaton Kiewra USA 2371 keaton87
26 IM, WGM Lisandra Ordaz Cuba 2369 lisychess
27 FM Julio Cesar Diaz Rosas Mexico 2367 xberli
28 IM Ladia Jirasek USA 2361 lrjchess
29 FM Antonio Ruperez Benito Spain 2356 RuperezA
30 IM Henry Jhonhader Panesso Rivera Colombia 2351 hjhonconor
31 IM Jaime Jose Romero Barreto Venezuela 2351 jrbarreto
32 FM Javier Benitez Lozano Mexico 2350 shnitez
33 FM Josiah Stearman USA 2349 josiwales
34 GM Michael Rohde USA 2348 boo786
35 FM Kyron Griffith USA 2346 KyronGriffith
36 IM Abhimanyu Mishra USA 2342 knightcheckshadow
37 IM Uriel Capo Vidal Mexico 2334 ucv86
38 FM Winston Cu Hor Guatemala 2333 Chesswinss
39 FM Balaji Daggupati USA 2331 chess2thesun
40 IM Rodney Oscar Perez Garcia Cuba 2331 Rodneyoscar
41 FM Gerardo Gracia Alvarez Mexico 2308 blitzking642
42 IM Carlos  Perdomo  Colombia 2301 Capatl
43 NM Gabriel Sam USA 2295 OtherGabe
44 FM Rafael Alejandro  Meidna Diaz Cuba 2290 GMedina2000
45 NM Kevin Yang USA 2275 pooh2012
46 NM Conrado Diaz Phillipines 2273 canonjamaicaella
47 FM Israel Tovio Yepex Colombia 2273 Polloisra
48 FM Hector Gustavo Maass Garza Ramos Mexico 2270 Fiestabonita
49 FM German Gonzalo Quirhuayo Chumbe Peru 2269 Theoctober10
50 FM Lenin Gonzalez Arroyo Mexico 2250 Tendepa
51 FM Kelvin Antonio Sanchez Alvares Venezuela 2250 KelvinSanchez
52 WIM Ingris Paola Rivera Banquez Columbia 2249 Sharing07
53 NM Jorge de Jesus Perez Marimon Cuba 2244 jorgeperr
54 WIM Ann Lindsay Chumpitaz Carbajal Peru 2244 Alindsay211
55 FM Anish Vivekananthan USA 2239 littlekilluazoldyck
56 CM Gerardo Marin Venezuela 2232 gemarin
57 FM Ezra Chambers Burundi 2231 SelfishShellfish
58 FM Dachey Lin USA 2222 1800_strength
59 IM Wilson Lorenzana Aguilar Guatemala 2220 Mllorenzana271
60 FM Andy Lee USA 2219 falsenarwhal
61 IM Alvaro Blanco Mexico 2219 Kaslask
62 FM Konstantin Dolgitser USA 2210 BlackSwan13
63 NM Jeevan Karamsetty USA 2206 NMJeevanK
64 NM Jason  Metpally  USA 2204 1d4_1-0
65 FM Daniel Pinto Holguin Bolivia 2199 topin8
66 FM Jorge Luis Castañeda Arregoces Colombia 2199 JLCASTANEDA
67 IM Benjamin Gongora Montes Mexico 2198 mexpaisano
68 WIM Lilia  Fuentes Godoy Mexico 2196 lilylg
69 NM Marcos Antonio Ortiz Caldera Nicaragua 2191 ortizmarcos
70 FM Jorge Arturo Vega Garcia Mexico 2184 wildplayer
71 NM Kirk Ghazarian USA 2181 2Bf41-0
72 WFM Paula Elizabeth Paredes Bustamante Peru  2176 paulaepb
73 NM Roberto Ismael Acosta Perez Cuba 2173 ismael2173
74 WIM Gabriela Vargas Talavera Paraguay 2170 abfpy
75 IM Roberto Navarro Segura Mexico 2170 chessster2500
76 WIM Lilia Fuentes Godoy Mexico 2169 lilylg
77 NM Enrique Alfonso Fonseca Manrique Mexico 2169 Enriquack
78 NM Carlos Alberto  Martinez Molina  Mexico 2167 Poliplaza 
79 NM Vinesh Ravuri USA 2166 SoggyCheese12
80 FM Gabriel Salazar Olchowski Venezuela 2159 gabosalazar2001
81 FM Paul Omar Perez Avendano Mexico 2158 tucoperez
82 IM Ricardo Kropff Gomez Paraguay 2156 Yiyuki
83 CM Sergio Turincio Garcia Mexico 2155 srchesschilango
84 IM Elliott Winslow USA 2150 ecwinslow
85 CM Efren Andres Ramos Panama 2150 efrenramos1
86 FM Guannan Song Canada 2145 Alliswell998
87 FM Mauricio Abraham Ramirez Gonzalez Venezuela 2144 CMmauricio
88 FM William Alfaro Caracas Nicaragua 2135 Nihilismo
89 CM Anthony  Rozenvasser  USA 2134 Atrozen
90 FM Luis Leonardo Lorenzo de Los Santos Dominican Republic 2132 l_lorenzo
91 CM Omar Gerardo Garduno Vidal Mexico 2127 Omar27_lobomx
92 WIM Guadalupe Ines Besso Argentina 2111 GuadaBesso
93 NM Caleb Denby USA 2110 thellamalord
94 WIM Lidia Karen Zapata Campos Peru 2108 Karenzcs
95 NM Kevin Pan USA 2106 Petearrpan 
96 WFM Rachel Palmero Martinez Cuba 2099 Rachess976
97 NM Javier Omar Gonzalez Carrillo Mexico 2098 Cadetemex
98 NM Vyom Vidyarthi USA 2090 2007checkmate
99 WIM/FM Danitza Fernanda Vazquez Maccarini Puerto Rico 2090 danitzapr1
100 FM Franklin Esquivia Cuadrado Colombia 2082 Garrincha1
101 WIM Yessica Yissel Mendez Tovar Mexico 2060 regolita
102 NM Siddharth Arun USA 2055 SidArun
103 WIM Tania Regla Hernandez Alvarez Costa Rica 2041 reynaajedrez
104 NM Oscar Jesus Roldan Luna Mexico 2031 oscar-luna
105 WFM Munkhchuluu  Tsegmed Mongolia 2030 moogii_glmt
106 WIM Rochelle Wu USA 2029 tanki97
107 CM Nabí Isaías Pérez Torres Mexico 2015 Na_binci
108 NM Michael Aigner USA 2006 fpawn
109 FM Javier Alberto Salazar Cabezas Nicaragua 2004 AJSC02
110 WCM Ameyalli Avila Fraire Mexico 1999 Amec24
111 CM Sriram Krishnakumar USA 1981 2008king
112 WCM Monserrat Morales Flores Chile 1974 chiwii
113 NM Cesar Arturo Rosas Garcia Mexico 1971 CR1983
114 CM Hermes Valenzuela Martinez Mexico 1970 hermres
115 WIM Andrea Michelle Ortez Castro El Salvador 1969 aurumo
116 FM Iván Vargas Maliqueo Chile 1969 IvanVargas1
117 WCM Alice Lee USA 1967 powerofapoint
118 WFM Miriam Parkhurst Casas Mexico 1961 girl_hs
119 NM Abhishek Mallela USA 1947 am1815
120 CM Daniel Herman USA 1946 Flaccidmoves
121 NM Michael Walder USA 1942 FlightsOfFancy
122 NM Sandra Nayeli Guillen Cristobal Mexico 1942 sandygc
123 NM Angel Salvador Escareño Rojas Mexico 1942 AngelEscarenoR
124 WFM Fiorella Contreras Huaman Peru 1937 contrerasfiorella
125 NM Victor Emmanuel Aguilar Mosivais Mexico 1931 chessacademycoach
126 WFM Corals Patino Garcia Venezuela 1921 Corals
127 NM Alejandro Waldo zalapa Mexico 1921 Waldochess 
128 NM Alexandra Martinez de la Trinidad Mexico 1913 AlexandraMtz
129 CM Ryan Amburgy USA 1906 Rychessmaster1
130 CM Manas Paldhe USA 1895 manaspaldhe12
131 WFM Leslie Carolina Torres Hernandez Honduras 1884 caroltorres84h
132 CM Pranav Senthilkumar USA 1879 pranav-nsk
133 CM Mauricio Marrujo Chile 1857 thekarm
134 WIM Thais Castillo Morales Costa Rica 1846 Macha23
135 WCM Alexandra Naira Prado Serrano Bolivia 1837 Deepfear
136 WFM Jessica Molina Chambilla Bolivia 1834 jessy-molina
137 WFM Ailee Mena Netherlands Antilles 1829 ori99
138 NM Vanessa Monserrat Descarrega Zacarias Venezuela 1828 monsezade17
139 NM Linden Li USA 1825 infinitypoint
140 WCM Claudia Munoz USA 1810 simplyclaudia
141 CM Nelson Munoz Panama 1775 nelsoncopa
142 WCM Chaneli Martinez Mesa Cuba 1763 chaneli2
143 WCM Rebeca Mellado Reyes Mexico 1750 Rbkkings
144 WCM Maria Angelica Carrillo Marval Panama 1730 mariangie523
145 WCM Alicia Alarcon Morales Mexico 1724 pervincaperiwinkle
146 WCM Teresa de Jesus Garcia Ortiz Mexico 1712 TereGO21239
147 WCM Omya Vidyarthi USA 1709 harkerchess
148 WCM Patricia Evarista Castillo Pena Dominican Republic 1700 pattycastillo
149 CM Advay Bansal USA 1698 chessforme17
150 CM Clarence Lehman USA 1685 frankjamesmarshall
151 NM Victor Salomon Vargas Sotelo Equador 1654 vargasvictor2006
152 WFM Marjoire Johana Bocangel Chavez Peru 1646 damayito
153 CM Helen Guadalupe Montiel Cáceres Paraguay 1599 Holahelenita
154 NM Helen  Montiel Paraguay 1599 Holahelenita
155 WCM Bitia Esther Cruz Castro Honduras 1582 BitiaM
156 CM Rohan Rajaram USA 1530 ninjatrick
157 WCM Anika Rajaram USA 1528 kirotori
158 NM Victor Carballo Guatemala 1441 Victor_Carballo_GUA










Streamers - updated 8/14 7:30PM

MF Julio Diaz
Caissa Mexicali Chess Club 
Lic. Fridha Becerra / Fabiola Jimenez
Chess Sin Fronteras
Jose Santos Gomez
Luis Caserez
WIM Gaby vargas Talavera
Monica Navarro
El salvador
WIM Andrea Ortez
Streamer Guillermo Mendoza
WCM Maria Angelica Carrillo
Mariangie Chess
Yoan Perez
Habana Ajedrez Online
GM Aramis Alvarez
Vanessa Monserrat  Descarrega Zacarias
Corals Patino Garcia
FM Mauricio Ramirez
FI Cesar Monroy
MF Marco Zapata
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