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Monday, November 1, 2021

Daily on

FREE & Open for all scholastic players!


 Upcoming Schedule -- Platform -- Tournament format -- Byes -- 

 -- Eligibility -- Past Results -- FAQ


1. Upcoming Schedule

2. Platform

3. Tournament format:

  • Tournament format: automatically paired Swiss.
  • Total Round: varies per event - usually minimum 4  -- maximum 8 - please see FAQ for explanation of round numbers.
  • Round times: no set round time - rounds are automatically paired and started once the previous one finished.
  • Time control: varies per event - please see FAQ for explanation of time control.
  • Pairings are based on current (actual) ChessKid ratings at the time of the start of the tournament.

3.A. How to Play?

  • Players must be logged in to
  • Players MUST click the JOIN button of the tournament - this can not be done for them.
  • Players MUST be active on the tournament page in order for the system to pair them for the next round.

4. Byes

  • Since tournament is automatically run on ChessKid - no byes are possible.

5. Eligibility

  • First time playing in our tournaments?
    No registration neccessary BUT --- All players MUST be a part of Mechanics' Chess on

    Mechanics' Institute Chess Club on



    Please follow the step-by-step instructions on how to join us! If you still have problems, please email or message us and we'll help you! is a safe, secure and fun platform for kids to learn and play chess, and participate in a wide variety of activities, including listening to lectures, doing puzzles, playing with their friends, and participating in online tournaments.
  • If you are new: click on this link:
  • If you already have an account: registration key:  QCJJNH
    • Log in to your own (kids) account & click the grey Settings icon next to the profile picture. **This needs to be done from a browser for access to this page.**
    • Scroll down on the right side, and just above the Save button Click “Do you have a Group Registration Key”displayed with yellow letters
    • Enter the 6 digit Registration Key: QCJJNH & click Save. You will be added to our Group.
  • If you already have an account - and you don't have a place to put the registration - need to make Mechanics' as secondary guardian
    • From your Parent account Home screen:
    • Click the "Kids" tab.
    • Select the "Edit Kid" option from the menu next to the kid account to which you'd like to add a guardian.
    • Click the "Edit Guardianship" option on the right side of the screen.
    • Enter '[email protected]' & select "Add Guardian." This adds them as an additional Guardian; you remain the Primary Guardian of the account.

Need help? Watch our quick tutorial video how to join the Mechanics' Group on ChessKid:

6. Past Results

7. FAQ

  • What are the time controls mean?
    Time controls are telling you how much time you have for each game.
    G15+2 for example: Game in 15 minutes with 2 second increment. This means you get 15 minutes, your opponent gets 15 minutes and with each move every player gets 2 second added to the clock. So one game can last up to 30-35 minutes.
  • How many games/rounds?
    For example the 6SS before the time control means how many rounds, i.e. how many games can a player play in the tournament. 6SS for example will have 6 rounds. The tournaments are never elimination, so win or lose you can stay in the tournament.
  • Late joins: if you joining late, you'll get zero(0) points for each missed rounds.

  • Withdrawal: you can always leave a tournament if you wish. Once you leave the tournament, you can't rejoin unfortunately, so make sure you decide accordingly.

  • Sections: currently we don't have sections to separate players according to their rating. We tried it but it wasn't efficient for many of the players, and most of you gave us the feedback they prefer tournaments where all players can play together.

  • Start time: we decided to start our free daily tournaments at 4PM so that players can finish their school before joining the tournament.

  • Pre-requested byes: online tournament run on can't have pre-requested byes. Full point byes are assigned when there are odd number of players in a tournament.

  • Do I need to join the club on to play? 
    Yes - More information on this at the Eligibility section.

  • Players Database
    For players who are interested in play in our online tournament.
    PLEASE fill out our online Scholastic Players database: to get email notifications about last minute changes and invitational opportunities.