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GM Susan Polgar's Visit to MI

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Fun Stories and Improvement Tips with Susan Polgar

Lecture by GM Susan Polgar at 6PM

We are excited to have GM Susan Polgar visiting our Chess Club.

She will give a lecture, have Q&A and we'll also do a puzzle solving competition!

Events will be free to anyone and everyone to attend!

Registraiton for the puzzle solving competition is open, but of course it's free.




- Winner of 4 Women’s World Championships (Under 16, Blitz, Rapid, and Classical)

- First World Chess Champion in history (male or female) to win the triple-crown (Blitz, Rapid and Classical World Championships)

- 5-time Olympiad Champion with 12 overall medals (5 Gold, 4 Silver, 3 Bronze) 



- * 56 consecutive Olympiad game Scoring Streak (1988-2004) without a loss (31 wins, 25 draws, 0 loss), all on board 1

- Most Simultaneous Games Played (326 players: 309 wins, 14 draws and 3 losses = 96.93% in 16 hours and 30 minutes)

- Most Games Won Simultaneously (309) - Highest Simultaneous Winning Percentage (96.93%, beating the old record of 95.64%)

- * Most Consecutive Games Played (1,131 games against 551 opponents: 1,112 wins, 16 draws and 3 losses = 99.03% - Previous record: 1,102 games) 

- * Head Coach of 7 consecutive Men’s Division I PanAm InterCollegiate Chess Championship Teams (2012-2018)

- * Head Coach of 7 consecutive Men’s Division I Collegiate Final Four Championship Teams (2011-2017) 

- * Head Coach of the #1 ranked Men’s Division I Collegiate Team for 8 consecutive years (2012-2020)



- Break the gender barrier to qualify for the Men’s World Championship Cycle (1986)

- Earn the Men’s Grandmaster title (1991) through traditional FIDE requirements (Norms and Rating)

- Receive the Grandmaster of the Year Award (2003) - Win the U.S. Open (Men) Blitz Championship (2003, 2005, and 2006)

- Coach a Collegiate Men’s Division I team to win a National Championship (2011)

- Be named Chess Coach of the Year (2013) and Chess Trainer of the Year (2014) by FIDE (World Chess Federation)


OTHER NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: - Won the Girls’ Budapest Championship under 11 at the age of 4 with a perfect 10-0 score!

- #1 ranked woman chess player in the world at the age of 15 (remained in the top 3 in the world for 25 years)

- Still currently rated as the #1 female in the United States

- Founder of the Susan Polgar Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization to promote chess, with all its educational, social and competitive benefits throughout the 

U.S., for young people of all ages, especially girls. Since inception, the foundation has awarded around $6 million in chess prizes/scholarships to young chess players on 

behalf of various supporters/sponsors/donors

- Founder and Managing Director of, the world’s most popular personal chess website



" Thank you very much for organizing the Susan Polgar event.  It was wonderful to listen to such a famous chess player.  I had a great time." David R.

" Thanks for organizing. The part about Fisher living in Budapest for 8 years was illuminating." Ray F.

Prize Winners: 

Congratulations to the Top 5 scorers

Participant Score
Manas Paldhe 19.5
Austin Mei 19.5
Isaac Sterling 19
Lauren Goodkind 18.5
Ethan Mei 18.5

Anyone who would like to get a copy of their corrected puzzles, please reach out to Judit via


Puzzle Answers

  1. 1.e6#
  2. 1.Ne6#
  3. 1.Rh8 Kg6 2.Rh6#
  4. 1.Qc8 Kf7 2.Qe8#
  5. 1.Rf8 any 1.Qf7#
  6. 1.Rf8 Kf8 2.Qh8#
  7. 1.Rd4 Rd4 2.f3#
  8. 1.Qc7 Nc7 1.Nb6#
  9. 1.Re8 Re8 2.Qc7 Ka8 3.Qb7#
  10. 1.Nd7 Kg6 2.Rg5 Kh6 3.Nf5#
  11. 1.Rc7 Kc7 2.Be5 Kc8 3.Nb6 or 1…Kb8 2.Na6 Ka8 3.Nb6#
  12. 1.Qe6 Ke6 2.Ng5 Kd6 3.c5#
  13. 1.Qf8 Kf8 2.Bc5 Kg8 3.Rf8#
  14. 1.Qh6 Kf7 2.Qh7 Kf8 3.Qg8#
  15. 1.Rh5 gh5 2.Rh6 Kh6 3.Qf6 Kh7 4.Qg7#
  16. 1.Ra7 Ka7 2.Qa4 Kb6 3.Qb5 Ka7 4.Qa5#
  17. 1.Qa6 ba6 2.Ra7 Kb8 3.Nd7 (either N is ok) Nd7 4.Nd7#
  18. 1.f4 Kd5 2.Bf3 Kc5 3.Rc1 Kb4 4. Rc4#
  19. 1.Qf7 Kf7 2.Ne5 Kg8 3.Nf6 gf6 4.Rg1 Kh8 5.Nf7#
  20. 1.c5 Ke6 2.f5 Ke5 3.Qb8 Qb8 4.Ke3 any 5.f4#



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