Thursday Night Marathon G/60+5 - Nov&Dec 2020 - PILOT | Mechanics' Institute

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Thursday Night Marathon G/60+5 - Nov&Dec 2020 - PILOT

Thursday, November 12, 2020 to Thursday, December 17, 2020

NEW: Thursday Night Marathon
USCF Online Regular Rated!

via, Open for everyone!

Five Thursdays: Nov 12, 19, Dec 3, 10, 17


First time joining us? Please scroll down for step-by-step instructions how to join us!

Event Schedule:

1 round of G/60+5 each night: Round times are: 6:30PM

Time control: 5SS G/60+5.  (Game in 60 minutes with 5 second increement with each move.)

MUST Register in order to play!


For List of registered players (Standings) & Pairings - Please scroll down!


Eligibility - Players must have:

- current US Chess Federation membership
- account that is part of Mechanics' Chess Club (free account is perfectly sufficient) -- Don't have one yet? Easy to make, just follow the instructions below.


- 5 rounds of G/60+5  - more details on tournament details here.
- One Open section for the Pilot
- paired based on OTB or ONL Nov 2020 supplemental regular rating!
- paired based on swiss tournament rules
- Pairing will be done manually using match command on You'll need to be on and wait for your game to pop up!
- Registration deadline: Thursday 5PM.
- Players have to be online on when Round 1 starts, and their game will be started by the Chief TD.
- Chief TD will have a list of match commands needed to be executed one by one: IF players are not online when pairing is executed, they'll be put at the end of the list, and match command will be tried one more time. Two times not present on will automatically get a 0F.
- Late registraitons *might* be paired up for extra rated games, but it's not guaranteed.
- Games will be US Chess Online regular rated - tournament will be submitted 5-7 days after the tourament to allow all games to be screened for fair play.


Rules:  standard USCF rules apply.

  • Mouse slips count, no takebacks.
  • If player is not logged in to live chess when pairings occur, we will assign a 0 point bye
  • Section prizes will be awarded based on USCF standard rating

Prize Fund:  $300 b/20  

1st Place $100
2nd Place $65
3rd Place $45
Best under1800 $30
Best under 1600 $30
Best under1400 $30


Entry Fee

MI library member: $20
Non-MI library member: $40


Fair Play

US Chess online rated tournament - most USCF rules and consequences apply.
Players should not use any outside assistance: not have other browsers open and not be talking to other people during their games
Parents are strongly encouraged to monitor their kids' activity during the tournament to ensure fair play.
All games will be carefully reviewed by and Mechanics' Institue Chess club staff during and after the event.
Players found or believed to be violating fair play are not eligible for a prize and their account will be removed from Mechanics' group.
Players who are confirmed to be using outside assistance will be reported to US Chess and restricted from future Mechanics' online and over-the-board events.

Parents - Please help us educate your child that IT'S SIMPLY NOT WORTH THE RISK!

For some helpful links regarding fair play, please check these out:

Fair play screening: all games will be screened by both and by Dr. Kenneth W. Regan, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo. 

The Organizer and/or the Chief Tournament Director can require players to play their games with a camera that records the player playing with a view to the screen. Players should be prepared to provide this precaution if asked to do so.

Prize distributions and rating submission will take place AFTER all games have been screened.



Tournament Informaiton

What are the time controls mean?
Time controls are telling you how much time you have for each game.
G60+5 for example: Game in 60 minutes with 5 second increment. This means you get 60 minutes, your opponent gets 60 minutes and with each move every player gets 5 second added to the clock. So one game can last up to 120-130 minutes.

How many games/rounds?
The 5SS before the time control means how many rounds, i.e. how many games can a player play in the tournament. The tournaments are never elimination, so win or lose you can stay in the tournament.

Late joins: if you joining late, you'll get zero(0) points for each missed rounds.

Sections: Open on the 2020 Nov supplemental regular rating system.


Pre-requested byes: since we are pairing manually, based on OTB ratings, pre-requestd byes now available. You must let us know by Tuesday noon.


How to join us?

If you would like to play in our online tournaments, you must

1) Register for the event -- we need to know your full name, and ID

2) have an account on; -- don't have one? Sign up now!

3) join our club on

Join tournaments: two ways to join the tournaments: 1) log in to and click on the link above; or 2) log in --> Play --> Live Chess
For this tournament only: Tournament directors will be pairing players manually, so no tournaments to join!


For players who are interested in play in our online tournament,
PLEASE fill out our online Players database:
to get email notifications about last minute changes and invitational opportunities.


Prize Winners: 



Standing after Round 2

SwissSys Standings. Thursday Night Marathon Online: Open

# Name ID Rating Fed Rd 1 Rd 2 Total
1 Elliott Winslow 10363365 2278 ecwinslow W13 W14 2.0
2 Eric Hon 13778105 2186 microbear W19 W15 2.0
3 Michael Walder 10345120 2075 FlightsOfFancy W20 W17 2.0
4 Stewart Katz 12458563 1835 knvsback W22 W26 2.0
5 Adam Mercado 16571026 1831 A-boy415 W23 W18 2.0
6 Ako Heidari 15206848 1980 oka_ako W30 W24 2.0
7 Allan G Savage 10014999 2200 duchamp64 W33 W12 2.0
8 Pranav Sairam 15424820 2084 chesspilot01 W34 W16 2.0
9 Felix German 12624534 1976 FelixGerman W21 H--- 1.5
10 Richard W Koepcke 10493269 2200 rkoepcke H--- W29 1.5
11 Gadir Guseinov 17343590 unr. gguseinov H--- W28 1.5
12 Roger V Shi 16191192 1753 1-h4-1-0 W25 L7 1.0
13 Marina Xiao 16380642 1545 programmingmax L1 W31 1.0
14 Alexander Huberts 16419664 1794 cccalboy W36 L1 1.0
15 Timothy Horng 13282721 1730 aYzz W35 L2 1.0
16 Jeff C Andersen 11296106 1643 zenwabi W38 L8 1.0
17 Bryan Hood 12839763 1574 fiddleleaf X--- L3 1.0
18 Richard Hack 12796129 1569 Kaline340Green W37 L5 1.0
19 Rama Krish Chitta 17350313 1475 draidus L2 W35 1.0
20 Ya Dancig Perlman 16280288 1428 noydan100 L3 W36 1.0
21 Michael Xiao 16380636 1363 swimgrass L9 W37 1.0
22 Stephen Zhu 16412414 1347 chesspoki L4 W38 1.0
23 Paul Krezanoski 16897133 1238 pjkrizzle L5 W33 1.0
24 Robert H Frank 10498325 1200 cyber-droid X32 L6 1.0
25 Ethan Sun 16964125 1180 sfdeals L12 W34 1.0
26 Danny Du Uy Cao 16939797 863 caodanny X--- L4 1.0
27 Rahim Dharssi 12693378 595 rahimftd H--- H--- 1.0
28 Thomas F Maser 10490936 1900 talenuf H--- L11 0.5
29 Lisa Willis 12601676 1583 LittlePinkCorvette H--- L10 0.5
30 Andrew Nicho Paul 14232850 1385 chessplayer3740 L6 H--- 0.5
31 Willia Fitzgerald 17048414 537 OlympusMons00 H--- L13 0.5
32 Mohammad Amir Ali 30029248 1565 Deshbondhu F24 U--- 0.0
33 Nursulta Uzakbaev 17137317 1513 rimus11 L7 L23 0.0
34 Jacob S Wang 17083655 1434 jacobchess857 L8 L25 0.0
35 Ian Liao 16738735 1105 victor6688 L15 L19 0.0
36 Bruce Hedman 17344551 870 Bruce_Hedman L14 L20 0.0
37 Cleveland W Lee 12814843 470 Vincitore51745 L18 L21 0.0
38 B J Day 12586048 unr. mrbillstunes1 L16 L22 0.0


No rounds on Thanksgiving Thursday! Next round is on December 3!


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