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Saturday, July 11, 2020

US Chess Online rated Chess Tournaments
via, Open for everyone!


First time joining us? Please scroll down for step-by-step instructions how to join us!

Event Schedule:

Saturday, 7/11 - Blitz

Time control: 8SS G/5+2
Join from: 5PM
First round starts: 6PM
MUST Register in order to play:
Link to tournament:

Sunday, 7/26 - Rapid

Time control: 6SS G/15+2
Join from: 1PM
First round starts: 2PM
MUST Register in order to play:
Link to tournament: 


Eligibility - Players must have:

- current US Chess Federation membership
- account that is part of Mechanics' Chess Club (free account is perfectly sufficient) -- Don't have one yet? Easy to make, just follow the instructions below.


- 8 rounds of G/5+2 or 6 rounds of G/15+2: rounds are done consecitively after every game is finished in the previous rounds. - more details on tournament details here.
- paired based on swiss tournament rules: pairing done via automatic by based on the players' online blitz & rapid rating.
- games will be US Chess Online blitz or quick rated - tournament will be submitted 5-7 days after the tourament to allow all games to be screened for fair play.


Rules:  standard USCF rules apply. Pairings are based on rapid/blitz rating.

  • Mouse slips count, no takebacks.
  • No rejoin: once a player withdraws/withdrawn from the tournament, no rejoin is possible.
  • if player is not logged in to live chess when pairings occur, the system will assign a 0-point bye for that round.
  • Section prizes will be awarded based on USCF standard rating

Prizes: $400 based on 30 paid entries

1st: $100
2nd: $75
3rd: $50

u2000: $75 *
u1800: $50 *
u1600: $50 *

* based on USCF regular (OTB) rating

Fair Play

US Chess online rated tournament - most USCF rules and consequences apply.
Players should not use any outside assistance: not have other browsers open and not be talking to other people during their games
Parents are strongly encouraged to monitor their kids' activity during the tournament to ensure fair play.
All games will be carefully reviewed by and Mechanics' Institue Chess club staff during and after the event.
Players found or believed to be violating fair play are not eligible for a prize and their account will be removed from Mechanics' group.
Players who are confirmed to be using outside assistance will be reported to US Chess and restricted from future Mechanics' online and over-the-board events.

Parents - Please help us educate your child that IT'S SIMPLY NOT WORTH THE RISK!

For some helpful links regarding fair play, please check these out:

Fair play screening: all games will be screened by both and by Dr. Kenneth W. Regan, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo. 

Prize distributions and rating submission will take place AFTER all games have been screened.


Entry Fee

MI library member: $20
Non-MI library member: $30

Registraton deadline: 2 hours before tournament start time - this is needed to allow time to make sure the account is set up correctly.

Tournament Informaiton

What are the time controls mean?
Time controls are telling you how much time you have for each game.
G15+2 for example: Game in 15 minutes with 2 second increment. This means you get 15 minutes, your opponent gets 15 minutes and with each move every player gets 2 second added to the clock. So one game can last up to 30-34 minutes.

How many games/rounds?
The 6SS before the time control means how many rounds, i.e. how many games can a player play in the tournament. The tournaments are never elimination, so win or lose you can stay in the tournament.

Late joins: if you joining late, you'll get zero(0) points for each missed rounds.

Withdrawal: you can always leave a tournament if you wish. Once you leave the touranemnt, you can't rejoin unfortunately, so make sure you decide accordingly.

Sections: currently we don't have sections to separete players according to their rating. We tried it but it wasn't efficient for many of the players, and most of you gave us the feedback they prefer tournaments where all players can play together.

Pre-requested byes: online tournament run on can't have pre-requested byes. Full point byes are assigned when there are odd number of players in a tournament.


How to join us?

If you would like to play in our online tournaments, you must

1) Register for the event -- we need to know your full name, and ID

2) have an account on; -- don't have one? Sign up now!

3) join our club on

Join tournaments: two ways to join the tournaments: 1) log in to and click on the link above; or 2) log in --> Play --> Live Chess --> Tournament tab --> Upcoming and click on the tournament you would like to join. Players can join up to 60 mins before the tournament start time.


For players who are interested in play in our online tournament,
PLEASE fill out our online Players database:
to get email notifications about last minute changes and invitational opportunities.



Past Results:

Thursday, 6/11 - Blitz -- Final Results: 

SwissSys Standings. mechanics-uscf-online-rated-blitz-1254526 (Standings (no tiebrk))

# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Tot Prize
1 GM Gadir Guseinov 17343590 unr. W24 W32 W3 W10 W6 D2 D8 W7 7.0 100.00
2 GM Aleksandr Lenderman 12787646 2717 L25 W34 W11 W15 W7 D1 W3 W6 6.5 75.00
3 GM Michael Rohde 10047871 2478 W21 W25 L1 W13 W10 W6 L2 W8 6.0 25.00
4 IM Elliott Winslow 10363365 2278 W29 W17 L6 W9 L5 W25 W10 W19 6.0 25.00
5 Abhinav Penagalapati 15467440 2060 W28 D11 L12 W22 W4 L8 W17 W15 5.5  
6 FM Jason Liang 16041488 2403 W23 W13 W4 W12 L1 L3 W15 L2 5.0  
7 CM Vyom Vidyarthi 15107740 2247 W16 W22 L10 W25 L2 W11 W13 L1 5.0  
8 CM Ethan Boldi 15088362 2120 L17 W29 D24 W21 W12 W5 D1 L3 5.0  
9 Krishnakanth Rapaka 15343534 2043 W31 L12 W19 L4 L13 W21 W22 W23 5.0  
10 Manas Paldhe 16418854 1994 W30 W19 W7 L1 L3 W18 L4 W16 5.0 75.00
11 Tejas Mahesh 15086558 1988 W14 D5 L2 W26 D16 L7 W28 D13 4.5  
12 Ako Heidari 15206848 1980 D34 W9 W5 L6 L8 L23 W18 W20 4.5  
13 Nitish Nathan 15494283 1941 W20 L6 W18 L3 W9 W28 L7 D11 4.5  
14 Clarence Lehman 10497272 1904 L11 L18 W20 L28 L29 W33 W31 W24 4.0  
15 Rudolph Breedt 13701346 1884 U--- W27 W23 L2 W24 W16 L6 L5 4.0  
16 Nikhil Parvathaneni 15227212 1825 L7 D26 W34 W19 D11 L15 W25 L10 4.0  
17 Saatvik Krishnan 15210955 1797 W8 L4 L25 D23 W21 W24 L5 D22 4.0 16.67
18 Max Hao 16083648 1761 L19 W14 L13 W27 W22 L10 L12 W25 4.0 16.67
19 Isaac Spence 15293854 1747 W18 L10 L9 L16 W27 W29 W23 L4 4.0 16.67
20 Cailen Melville 14006141 1940 L13 L24 L14 W30 D33 W34 W27 L12 3.5  
21 Glenn Kaplan 12680193 1776 L3 W30 D32 L8 L17 L9 W34 W28 3.5  
22 Vishva Nanugonda 16380312 1664 W33 L7 W28 L5 L18 W31 L9 D17 3.5  
23 Marc Willis 12601676 1583 L6 W33 L15 D17 W26 W12 L19 L9 3.5 50.00
24 Felix German 12624534 1976 L1 W20 D8 W32 L15 L17 D29 L14 3.0  
25 Mansoor Mohammed 16086550 1893 W26 L3 W17 L7 W31 L4 L16 L18 3.0  
26 Nicholas Boldi 15088356 1883 L25 D16 W29 L11 L23 L27 D30 W34 3.0  
27 Stewart Katz 12458563 1835 L32 L15 W30 L18 L19 W26 L20 W29 3.0  
28 Kritin Gopalakrishnan 16545130 1506 L5 W31 L22 W14 W32 L13 L11 L21 3.0  
29 Nathaniel Bryans 12680723 1887 L4 L8 L26 W33 W14 L19 D24 L27 2.5  
30 José Pacheco 17095177 unr. L10 L21 L27 L20 L34 B--- D26 W31 2.5  
31 Valerie Jade 17168772 1490 L9 L28 W33 W34 L25 L22 L14 L30 2.0  
32 Pranav Sathish 16464655 1768 W27 L1 D21 L24 L28 U--- U--- U--- 1.5  
33 Jeff Anderson 11296106 1643 L22 L23 L31 L29 D20 L14 B--- U--- 1.5  
34 Narayan Rueppel 16577540 756 D12 L2 L16 L31 W30 L20 L21 L26 1.5  
35 Kevin Fong 17254586 1783 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0  


Sunday, 6/28 - Rapid

Time control: 6SS G/15+2
Join from: 1PM
First round starts: 2PM
MUST Register in order to play:
Link to tournament:


# Name ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Total Prize
1 GM Aleksandr Lenderman 12787646 2717 W20 W7 D3 W12 D4 W9 5.0 80.00
2 IM Christopher Yoo 15244943 2540 W17 W29 L12 D4 W15 W3 4.5 33.33
3 GM Michael Rohde 10047871 2478 W27 W15 D1 W9 W5 L2 4.5 33.33
4 FM Kyron Griffith 12860484 2470 W14 W28 D9 D2 D1 W11 4.5 33.33
5 Shaashwath Sivakumar 15089302 2078 L12 W16 W28 W10 L3 W15 4.0  
6 Krishnakanth Rapaka 15343534 2043 L15 W26 W11 D8 D10 W13 4.0  
7 Manas Paldhe 16418854 1994 W18 L1 W22 L15 W16 W14 4.0 60.00
8 IM Elliott Winslow 10363365 2278 W21 L12 W24 D6 L9 W20 3.5  
9 NM Vyom Vidyarthi 15107740 2247 W19 W13 D4 L3 W8 L1 3.5  
10 Abhinav Penagalapati 15467440 2060 L24 W27 W29 L5 D6 W21 3.5  
11 WCM Omya Vidyarthi 15782318 1934 D26 W24 L6 W18 W23 L4 3.5  
12 GM Gadir Guseinov 17343590 2600 W5 W8 W2 L1 U--- U--- 3.0  
13 Kristian Clemens 13901075 1997 W22 L9 L18 W21 W24 L6 3.0  
14 Nitish Nathan 15494283 1941 L4 L23 W19 W28 W22 L7 3.0  
15 Mansoor Mohammed 16086550 1893 W6 L3 W23 W7 L2 L5 3.0  
16 Stewart Katz 12458563 1835 U--- L5 B--- W17 L7 W23 3.0  
17 Nikhil Parvathaneni 15227212 1825 L2 D25 D27 L16 W28 W24 3.0  
18 Kritin Gopalakrishnan 16545130 1506 L7 W19 W13 L11 L20 W28 3.0 40.00
19 Patrick Kut 15898438 1843 L9 L18 L14 B--- W25 D22 2.5  
20 Saatvik Krishnan 15210955 1797 L1 D21 W26 L23 W18 L8 2.5  
21 Ryan Tiong 15990403 1790 L8 D20 W25 L13 W27 L10 2.5  
22 Vedant Talwalkar 16408266 1569 L13 B--- L7 W25 L14 D19 2.5 40.00
23 Austin Mei 16090452 2149 U--- W14 L15 W20 L11 L16 2.0  
24 Sos Hakobyan 14452712 1771 W10 L11 L8 W29 L13 L17 2.0  
25 Tejas Mahesh 15086558 1988 L29 D17 L21 L22 L19 B--- 1.5  
26 Glenn Kaplan 12680193 1776 D11 L6 L20 L27 B--- U--- 1.5  
27 Alejandro Canales 16913725 1720 L3 L10 D17 W26 L21 U--- 1.5  
28 Kevin Fong 17254586 1783 B--- L4 L5 L14 L17 L18 1.0  
29 Niko Pompe 15827450 1732 W25 L2 L10 L24 U--- U--- 1.0  



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