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Introduction to Openings for Developing Players

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 7:00pm to Wednesday, August 25, 2021 - 8:00pm

Openings for Developing Players

10-week online course taught by IM Elliott Winslow


I am IM (International Master) Elliott Winslow, and I’ll be teaching this course!
Opening theory in chess is a big subject! But of course there's no avoiding it, you have to step forward, and you might as well make those important first moves count. In this course, we'll look into this world, sampling the various openings, with more than a bit of history of their development, plus we'll learn the basic principles of opening play as we go: Development, the Center, King Safety, Initiative, and Stopping the Opponent (from all those). We'll see a number of standard deployments and their counters, and maybe even find out what (and why!) is happening in the games of the best players (and how it could help our games). Lastly, this dynamics class will give players the opportunity to discuss their own choices of openings, obstacles and receive advice on how to get past them.


Class time: Wednesdays 7-8PM

Platform: Zoom meeting - link will be sent via email.

Class ideal for developing players in the range of unrated (beginner) to 1000 USCF rating.

Fee:  Non - MI-members: $220 - 10 classes (prorated $22/class).
         MI-members: $180 - 10 classes (prorated $18/class)