[CANCELLED] Shine when you need it most: how to create a powerful presence when you pitch and market your work | Mechanics' Institute

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[CANCELLED] Shine when you need it most: how to create a powerful presence when you pitch and market your work

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This class has been cancelled.

This is a class co-sponsored by MI and San Francisco Writers Conference/San Francisco Writers Foundation.



Walking the red carpet of your own book-to-film movie premiere may not be your ultimate goal; but, learning how to own that kind of spotlight will immediately transform the success of your brand. So, ready, set, action! Discover exactly how to unleash your innate star quality and shine. Learn the best marketing secrets from the entertainment world so you can powerfully present yourself like a seasoned celebrity in interviews, networking events, pitches, video presentations, and more. Find the words and the courage to communicate your irresistible offer to publishers, the press, and other key influencers who will help you build your personal brand—and acquire the success you deserve.

In this workshop you discover how to:

In this workshop you discover how to:

  1. Market yourself as an author or professional with the clarity, confidence and charisma of a polished celebrity.
  2. Define your brand message to connect to the right audience.
  3. Identify how to take promote you and your work without feeling like a used car salesman.
  4. Overcome internal criticism and turn your inner writing voice into spoken action.
  5. Set the foundation you need to become a public speaker or workshop facilitator.

Jess Ponce III is the author of Everyday Celebrity. An international personal branding expert, Jess has coached over 2500 celebrities and more than 1500 TV hosts, experts, authors and spokespeople. In the US, Jess works with executives of Fortune 500 companies, creative executives, TEDx Speakers, celebrities, and on-air presenters from Disney, HGTV, ABC, and other entertainment brands. Abroad, Jess is a guest speaker and workshop facilitator with the Awesome Group in Taipei, as well as AsiaWorks in Hong Kong and throughout China. www.jessponce.com

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Members $149
Public $189
4th Floor Meeting Room
Taryn Edwards - 415-393-0103

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