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by Sándor Márai

In a secluded woodland castle, an old General prepares to receive a rare visitor, a man who was once his closest friend but whom he has not seen in forty-one years. Over the ensuing hours host and guest will fight a duel of words and silences, accusations and evasions. They will exhume the memory of their friendship and that of the General's beautiful long-dead wife. And they will return to the time the three of them last sat together following a hunt in the nearby forest- a hunt in which no game was taken but during which something was lost forever.

This meeting will take place over Zoom. To receive an invitation to the meeting, please email our Programming Librarian, Myles, at [email protected]

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Dec 9 - 7:00pm

The Violent Bear It Away
by Flannery O'Connor

World Literature

Dec 21 - 7:00pm

Cassandra: A Novel and Four Essays
by Christa Wolf