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Teacher Tea: Do Your Lessons Love Your Students?
with Mariah Rankine-Landers and Jessa Brie Moreno of Studio Pathways

Join us for Teacher Tea at Mechanics' Institute!

Opening Reception, Spiral Making and Pedagogical Exploration (1:00-2:00 pm)

Explore the art of pedagogy and spiral your way into transformative teaching! Engage in hands-on activities that will leave you inspired and ready to create meaningful connections in your classroom.

Book Talk/Q&A: Do Your Lessons Love Your Students? (2:00-3:00 pm)

Dive into a thought-provoking discussion as we pore over the pages of Do Your Lessons Love Your Students? -- discussing ways we can craft lessons that not only educate but genuinely care for our students' growth and wellbeing. Mariah and Jessa from Studio Pathways will share their insights, experiences, and expertise on transformative pedagogy, leaving you with invaluable knowledge to enhance your teaching approach.



About the Book

Do Your Lessons Love Your Students? is a provocation and vision for a more just and creatively inspired society. Mariah Rankine Landers and Jessa Brie Moreno, known nationally as the founders of Studio Pathways, pose the not-so-outrageous idea that for schools to love our students they will need to evolve into increasingly arts-centered, creative spaces.

Do Your Lessons Love Your Students? outlines a path of both theory and practice that connects the dots between culture, cognition, and the role of creativity and the arts in learning. This profound call to action invites educators to look back into shared histories, examine stories of self, analyze social power structures and engage in artful practice through a sense of beloved community. It is a journey in which educators will see themselves reflected and acknowledged, and an invitation to participate in a more liberatory experience of teaching and learning.

This insightful book reveals how we might profoundly adjust our approach to teaching and learning as needed for the brightest future. K-12 educators and educators-at-large are guided to move from beyond the why of implementing creative processes and into the how of building cultures of care through the humanized methodologies found within this groundbreaking work.

About Studio Pathways

Mariah Rankine-Landers (she/they), M.Ed and Jessa Brie Moreno (she/they), MFA, Co-Founders of Studio Pathways, have each been educators, professional facilitators, pedagogical advisors, artists and cultural practitioners for over 20 years. They are leaders in the field of culturally-responsive teaching and learning through the arts. Recognized as esteemed liberatory educators, they have led for visionary educational shifts centering the idea of creative practice for social change.

In 2017, they co-created the free resource Rise Up: An American Curriculum and went on to co-found Studio Pathways in 2019. Studio Pathways has designed and advised on curricular and pedagogical frameworks for The Othering and Belonging Institute out of UC Berkeley, The Center for Cultural Power, The Apollo Theatre and racial healing work for the WKKF Foundation. As former Co-Directors of the School Transformation Through the Arts and Integrated Learning Specialist Program out of the Alameda County Office of Education, they supported whole school transformative change and teacher professional development. Studio Pathways are celebrated for their graceful, highly engaging powerful facilitation of change. In 2020 they were honored with the YBCA 100 recognition and have gone on to partner with National Arts in Education Association, The Kennedy Center, The Compton Foundation, The Hewlett Foundation, universities, museums, arts organizations, movement organizations, and K-12 schools, districts and counties across the country in the past four years.

Jessa is a mother, theater artist, change maker, athlete, professor and scholar in pursuit of delight and wisdom. Mariah is a visionary futurist, tap dancer, sailor, lover of the arts, ever hopeful, and a scholar in pursuit of love in education.

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