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Write If You Dare!
A virtual version of our popular drop-in writing group

Thursday, July 9, 2020 - 11:00am

This event will be conducted via Zoom. Please register here.

Writing is more fun in a group and the key to good writing is lots of practice. Come explore a couple of writing prompts at this member led, low key scribble session. Whatever your genre, you’ll have fun putting pen to paper with others who want to gain flexibility and spontaneity in their prose or poetry. 

Please email Taryn Edwards if you have any questions - tedwards@milibrary.org

More about the group:

We generally started our meetings, especially those with new members with a short orientation.  The format is as follows:

We are a 2-hour meeting.  We generally divide the time into three segments repeated each hour.

a) First segment:  Prompts are given generally by the meeting leader

b) Second segment:  Writing for usually 20 minutes

c) Third segment:  Writers reading their writing followed by comments by the group

This group is tasked to provide only positive encouragement and comment on writing shared by others, unless critiques are specifically requested by the writer.  Reactions such as how the piece made you feel or what images were generated can be helpful. Writers are invited to also bring their work in progress – no more than 2 pages double-spaced to read and invite comment. Zoom makes interruptions more disruptive; please allow members of the group to finish their comments before starting to speak.  You can use “raise hand” if you would like to reserve an opportunity to read your piece or speak. Writers are encouraged to read Writers without Teachers by Peter Elbow for further guidance on this method.






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