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The First NEW Thursday Night Marathon Online

Thursday, June 24, 2021 to Thursday, July 15, 2021

Four Thursdays: June 24, July 1, 8, 15

USCF Online Regular Rated event via
Open for everyone!

Standings -- Winners -- Google Sheet

Platform -- Dates -- Tournament format -- Byes -- Prize Fund

Registration -- Eligibility -- Tournament rules -- Fair Play -- FAQ

1. Platform

2. Dates

  • Four Thursdays: June 24, July 1, 8, 15

3. Tournament format:

  • Tournament format: individual Swiss
  • Total Round: 8 rounds  ---   2 rounds each night
  • Round times: each Thursday 6:30PM & 8:00PM Pacific Time (GMT+8)
  • Time control: G/35+5  (Game in 35 minutes with 5 second increement with each move.) -- Please note the NEW increment setting!
  • Games will be US Chess online regular rated - tournament will be submitted 7-14 days after the tourament to allow all games to be screened for fair play.
  • Sections: one Open sections
  • Pairings are based on the June 2021 OTB or ONL supplemental regular US Chess rating. The higher rating will be used for pairing purposes.
  • Pairings for each round are posted on a Google Sheet as well as here.

3.A. How to Play?

  • Welcome email is sent out before the tournament that explains all the details how to play in the tournament. Be sure to provide a correct email when registering for the event!
  • Players must be logged in to AND stay on at the start of the round and wait for their game to pop up!
  • Players must NOT engage in any play (game, challenge, other touranment).
  • Games are MANUALLY STARTED by the Chief TD and will automatically pop up for every player. White's clock will automatically start, and games will NOT be aborted due to no move.
  • Tournament Help Desk is available for any player who needs to get in touch with the Chief TD. Zoom link to the Help Desk is shared with every player regsitered for the event.
  • NEW: communication channel for the players to interact with each other is now available through Discord.
    Please connect via:

4. Byes

  • Byes are available for players in any rounds in case they can't participate but would like to stay in the tournament.
  • Max 3 half-point byes can be requested in this tournament.
  • Round 1-6 byes must be requested 15 minutes prior to the round start time.
  • Round 7-8 byes must be requested before start of Round 1. Round 8 bye is irrevocable to prevent prize fund manipulations.
  • Late registrations will receive a 0.5 bye for any missed round, up to total 3 rounds.

5. Prize Fund

  • NEW Increased Prize Fund: $1000 based on 50 paid entries
1st Place $300
2nd Place $225
3rd Place $150
Best under2000 $75
Best under1800 $75
Best under1600 $75
Best under1400 $50
Best Female $50
  • Prizes are paid out after fair play review has been completed, and results are finalized.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing prize checks.
  • Per IRS rules anyone with a cumulative $600+ prizes in any calendar year will need to fill out a W9 and Mechanics' Institute will be providing a 1099 form. More details coming soon.

6. Registration

  • MI library member: $30
  • Non-MI library member: $50
  • $5 admin fee for all cancellations & refunds.

7. Eligibility

  • Players must have current US Chess Federation membership. Expiration date of their US Chess membership must be later than the last day of the tournament.
  • Not sure if you have a membership? Need to check the expiration date of your members? Visit:
  • Become a member or renew your membership:
  • Players must have a account in good standing. Any previously closed account must be disclosed to the organizer by sending a confidential email to [email protected]

8. Tournament rules

  • Standard US Chess rules apply, with special focus on the Chapter 10 Online Chess rules.
  • NEW: Announced variation:
    When a player is removed due to fair play violation, scores will be adjusted as follows:
    1. If two or more rounds remain, all opponents of the disqualified player will receive a win by forfeit, unless they defeated the disqualified player, in which case they will retain a rated win.
    2. If the tournament has concluded, or if there is only one round remaining:
    The last opponent of the disqualified player will receive a win by forfeit.
    Other opponents who lost to the disqualified player will receive a half-point bye.
    Other opponents who drew with the disqualified player will receive a win by forfeit.
    Anyone who defeated the disqualified player will retain a rated win, instead of a forfeit win.
  • Forfeit time is 15 minutes: if player is not logged in by 6:45pm and 8:15pm, respectively, the opponent will be awarded a forfeit win.

9. Fair play

  • Fair play screening: all games will be screened by both and by Dr. Kenneth W. Regan, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo.
  • US Chess online rated tournament - most USCF rules and consequences apply.
  • Players should not use any outside assistance: not have other browsers open and not be talking to other people during their games
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to monitor their kids' activity during the tournament to ensure fair play.
  • Players found or believed to be violating fair play are not eligible for a prize and their account will be removed from Mechanics' group.
  • Players who are confirmed to be using outside assistance will be reported to US Chess and restricted from future Mechanics' online and over-the-board events.
  • Parents - Please help us educate your child that IT'S SIMPLY NOT WORTH THE RISK!
  • The Organizer and/or the Chief Tournament Director can require players to play their games with a camera that records the player playing with a view to the screen. Players should be prepared to provide this precaution if asked to do so.
  • Prize distributions and rating submission will take place AFTER all games have been screened.

10. FAQ

  • What are the time controls mean?
    Time controls are telling you how much time you have for each game.
    G35+5 for example: Game in 35 minutes with 5 second increment. This means you get 35 minutes, your opponent gets 35 minutes and with each move every player gets 5 second added to the clock. So one game can last up to 70-80 minutes.
  • How many games/rounds?
    The 6SS before the time control means how many rounds, i.e. how many games can a player play in the tournament. The tournaments are never elimination, so win or lose you can stay in the tournament.
  • Do I need to join the club on to play? 
    No, but it's highly recommended. - we provide regular updates and news on that channel, as well as occasional free tournament.
  • Players Database
    For players who are interested in play in our online tournament.
    PLEASE fill out our online Players database: to get email notifications about last minute changes and invitational opportunities. 



11. Testimonials

"As always thank you for directing another wonderful tournament. My goodness, you’ve attracted a lot of strong players.” Tom M.

Prize Winners: 
# Name Cash Prize credited to pool
2 GM Gadir Guseinov (7.5/2651) 246.00 Place: 1 - $246
3 IM Bala Chandra Dhulipalla (6.5/2523) 184.50 Place: 2 - $184.50
10 Cailen Melville (5.5/1940) 46.12 u2000/1 - $61.50;
Place: 3 - $123;
4-way split of $184.5: $46.12 each

1 GM Alex Lenderman (5.5/2703) 46.12
6 Sina Mohammadi (5.5/2163) 46.12
11 Jonah Busch (5.5/1934) 46.12
23 Akshaj Pulijala (5.0/1531) 32.80 u1600/1 - $61.50;
u1400/1 - $41;
u1800/1 - $61.50

5-way split of $164: $32.80 each
30 Casimir Dudek (5.0/1284) 32.80
34 Kevin Thompson (5.0/1120) 32.80
19 Jeff Andersen (5.0/1643) 32.80
25 Marina Xiao (5.0/1481) 32.80


Best Female: Marian Xiao: $41



SwissSys Report: New Thursday Night Marathon

SwissSys Standings. New Thursday Night Marathon: Open

# Name Handle ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Total Prize
1 GM Gadir Guseinov gguseinov 17343590 2651 W12 W10 W7 W2 W4 D8 W3 W9 7.5 246.00
2 IM Bala Chandra Dhulipalla swarnapuri 30100858 2523 W30 W19 W9 L1 W17 W7 W15 D5 6.5 184.50
3 GM Alex Lenderman alexanderl 12787646 2703 W23 W18 H--- H--- D9 W4 L1 W7 5.5 46.13
4 Sina Mohammadi sina101 14116846 2163 W24 W22 W6 W15 L1 L3 D18 W19 5.5 46.13
5 Cailen Melville mangonel 14006141 1940 F34 L14 X40 W36 W24 W27 W22 D2 5.5 46.13
6 Jonah Busch kondsaga 12469525 1934 W14 W34 L4 D23 L27 W30 W12 W18 5.5 46.13
7 FM Max Gedajlovic mmsanchez 14947382 2213 W32 W13 L1 W16 W29 L2 W10 L3 5.0  
8 NM Michael Walder flightsoffancy 10345120 2157 L13 W25 W32 W19 W18 D1 D9 U--- 5.0  
9 Austin Mei titanchess666 16090452 2149 W33 W11 L2 W12 D3 W20 D8 L1 5.0  
10 Jeff Andersen zenwabi 11296106 1643 W37 L1 W34 W33 H--- H--- L7 W24 5.0 32.80
11 Akshaj Pulijala loltheawesomedude 16497860 1531 W26 L9 W14 D27 L16 W23 W28 D17 5.0 32.80
12 Marina Xiao programmingmax 16380642 1481 L1 W37 W44 L9 W34 W29 L6 W20 5.0 32.80
13 Casimir Dudek thechesskid2021 30101045 1284 W8 L7 X17 L18 W21 D19 D20 W22 5.0 32.80
14 Kevin Thompson acalbear 13110777 1120 L6 W5 L11 L28 X38 W21 X29 W27 5.0 32.80
15 IM Elliott Winslow ecwinslow 10363365 2278 D31 W39 W46 L4 W35 W16 L2 U--- 4.5  
16 Nathan Fong nathanf314 13001390 2004 W25 H--- W20 L7 W11 L15 H--- H--- 4.5  
17 Robert Smith maturner 12463327 1853 W40 X46 H--- H--- L2 L22 W33 D11 4.5  
18 Callaghan McCarty-Snead doctorbanner 14948275 1700 W43 L3 W24 W13 L8 W35 D4 L6 4.5  
19 Ethan Mei erm999 16090467 1585 W41 L2 W36 L8 W42 D13 W27 L4 4.5  
20 Aaron Nicoski kingsmasher35 12797931 1789 W36 D35 L16 W41 W23 L9 D13 L12 4.0  
21 William Kelly wkelly 30161947 1677 H--- H--- L33 W38 L13 L14 X41 W32 4.0  
22 Bryan Hood fiddleleaf 12839763 1574 W38 L4 H--- H--- W33 W17 L5 L13 4.0  
23 Ethan Sun sfdeals 16964125 1488 L3 W43 W42 D6 L20 L11 D30 W33 4.0  
24 Sarvagnya Brahmanapally bsarvagnya 16466227 1323 L4 W26 L18 W44 L5 W34 X25 L10 4.0  
25 Aditha Chitta adichi 16695036 1185 L16 L8 L26 W39 X41 W42 F24 W31 4.0  
26 Jonathan Rice ricejonathanc 30205348 unr. L11 L24 W25 L34 W36 L33 X40 W30 4.0  
27 Fong Kevin chessappeals 17254586 1783 H--- W31 D35 D11 W6 L5 L19 L14 3.5  
28 NM Tom Maser talenuf 10490936 1900 L35 F33 W37 W14 H--- H--- L11 U--- 3.0  
29 Jason Ochoa barok44 12440572 1759 X46 W40 H--- H--- L7 L12 F14 U--- 3.0  
30 Michael Xiao swimgrass 16380636 1363 L2 D41 W39 L35 W32 L6 D23 L26 3.0  
31 Paul Krezanoski pjkrizzle 16897133 1346 D15 L27 F41 H--- U--- W40 W37 L25 3.0  
32 Ivan Zong ivanzong 30131397 1335 L7 W38 L8 L42 L30 W44 W39 L21 3.0  
33 Sean Wu dum2020areeews 16802870 1220 L9 X28 W21 L10 L22 W26 L17 L23 3.0  
34 Pratyush Bhingarkar greenninja2019 30015889 1165 X5 L6 L10 W26 L12 L24 W42 L36 3.0  
35 Katherine Sunny Lu 2nf31-0 16425316 1085 W28 D20 D27 W30 L15 L18 U--- U--- 3.0  
36 Bruce Hedman bruce_hedman 17344551 1055 L20 W45 L19 L5 L26 L39 W43 W34 3.0  
37 Arumin Ravisankar aruminchess 30025152 869 L10 L12 L28 L40 W39 W38 L31 X43 3.0  
38 Victor Beauchamp greatboomer 30154650 807 L22 L32 X45 L21 F14 L37 X44 W42 3.0  
39 Ishan Goteti aurex79 17016988 615 W45 L15 L30 L25 L37 W36 L32 B--- 3.0  
40 JJ Ziebart tomatosoupgirl 30166361 1072 L17 L29 F5 W37 W44 L31 F26 U--- 2.0  
41 Adithya Shankar Katepalli 2021adi 30153861 824 L19 D30 X31 L20 F25 H--- F21 U--- 2.0  
42 Jimolee Gray grayj43 30172836 unr. H--- H--- L23 W32 L19 L25 L34 L38 2.0  
43 Thomas Cunningham banjotom 12923340 971 L18 L23 H--- U--- H--- H--- L36 F37 1.5  
44 Cleveland W Lee Vincitore51745 12814843 unr. H--- H--- L12 L24 L40 L32 F38 U--- 1.0  
45 James Hamlett james_hamlett_IV 12374510 1561 L39 L36 F38 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0  
46 Jerry Li figsnoring 16551291 1015 F29 F17 L15 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0  

SwissSys Standings. New Thursday Night Marathon: Extra Games

# Name Handle ID Rating Rd 1 Total
1 Paul Krezanoski pjkrizzle 16897133 1346 W2 1.0
2 Aditha Chitta adichi 16695036 1185 L1 0.0
virtual -