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USCF Online rated Scholastic tournaments in 2022 via

Saturday, January 29, 2022


Recurring Weekend USCF Online Rated event

via - Open for all scholastic players!

 Upcoming Schedule -- Platform -- Tournament Format -- Byes -- Awards

Registration -- Eligibility -- Tournament Rules -- Fair Play -- FAQ

List of Registered players for the upcoming tournament -- Detailed Results -- Summary of Links to Event Results

1) Video on how to read your tournament results
2) Video on USCF ratings and rating systems


1. Upcoming Schedule




Start time
(Pacific  Time)

Time Control

Important Information & Links




4 games of G/20+2

​Automatically run tournament by
Link to join the tournament:




6 games of G/10+2

​Automatically run tournament by
Link to join the tournament:




6 games of G/15+2

​Automatically run tournament by
Link to join the tournament:


Registered Players for Jan 17  as of 1/17 2:00PM


  First name Last name ChessKid username USCF ID USCF OTB USCF ONL ChessKid
1 Benjamin Pearlstein goldfunkale 30412944 Unrated Unrated 1169
2 Ethan Liu BestMiddleSun 30021739 Unrated 947 1348
3 Luka Petkovik oldsoftlife 30255688 unrated 560 1159
4 Loic Noah-Vanhoucke OldCoolingFlash 30308033 Unrated 330 1346
5 Felix McMillan FMcMillan 30251494 357 Unrated 1362
6 Spandan Das Spandan11 or MagicSpandan 30157625 unrated 804  
7 Isabella Greenblatt isabellag48 30037568 Unrated 634  
8 Miles Morphopoulos NEARATHLETICSTEEL 30123644 Unrated 667  
9 Ian Chow giganotosaurus 17070162 511 Unrated  
10 Anika Karthik tcm119 30225304 Unrated 275  
11 Dallas Pak dj14 30108777 699 747

2. Platform


3. Tournament Format:

  • Tournament Format: automatically paired Swiss.
  • Total Rounds: This varies per event--usually a minimum of 4, a maximum of 8.  Please see the FAQ (item 10 below) for an explanation of round numbers.
  • Round Times: Except for Round One, there are no set round times.  Rounds are automatically paired and started once the previous round has finished.
  • Time Control: Varies by event.  Please see FAQ (item 7) for an explanation of time control.
  • Games will be US Chess online-rated.  The tournament results will be submitted 4-10 days after the tournament to allow all games to be screened for fair play..
  • Sections: one Open section OR two sections based on ChessKid rating (Open & under1300 ChessKid Rating).  The number of sections will be based on the number of registered players the day before the tournament--please check back for more information!
  • Pairings are based on current (actual) ChessKid ratings at the time of the start of the tournament.

3.A. How to Play?

  • Welcome email is sent out before the tournament that explains all the details how to play in the tournament. Be sure to provide a correct email when registering for the event!
  • Players must be logged in to
  • Players may join the tournament 30 minutes before it begins by going to Play Vs Kid, the tournament will show up on the right side of the board.
  • Players MUST click the orange JOIN button of the tournament, which should appear below on the right--this cannot be done for them.
  • Players MUST be active on the tournament page in order for the system to pair them for the next round.
  • The welcome email will list a contact phone number that is available during the event in case of any problem.

4. Byes

  • Since tournament is automatically run on ChessKid, no byes are possible.

5. Awards -- Medals to the top players.

  • Two Sections:
    • Prizes to the top 5 players overall shall be the minimum.
    • Additional prizes will be added based on the number of players:
              For an 8-round tournament, anyone with 4.5 points or more.
              For a 6-round tournament, anyone with 3.5 points or more.
              For a 4-round tournament, anyone with 2.5 points or more.

  • One Section:
    • Top 5 players and Top 3 of under800 and Top 3 of under400.
              **Based on USCF online (ONL) or regular (OTB) rating, whichever is higher.**
              This is due to more and more kids starting to have online ratings, and it reflects their true strength better, and encourages them to participate in online events.
              We reserve the right to use TD discretion.

  • Medal awards are mailed for everyone. Please fill out this form to request your award:

6. Registration

  • Special Mechanics' member / non-member pricing for the recurring weekly tournaments:
    • MI library member: $15
    • Non-MI library member: $25
  • Suggested registration deadline: 2 hours before the tournament, in order to give time for the organizers to forward the Welcome email, and make sure that the ChessKid user name is in the correct online club. Any registration within 2 hours of the tournament start might result in missing the first round or the whole tournament. We will reschedule the registration in this case for an upcoming weekend.
  • $5 admin fee for all cancellations & refunds.

    Want to Join Mechanics' Institute?
  • It's worth getting the Mechanics' Institute Student membership: for $65. In about 6 tournaments it pays for itself!
    Join here:  
    Please make sure to put Chess as a referred byinterest.


7. Eligibility

  • Players must have current US Chess Federation membership. Expiration date of their US Chess membership must be later than the last day of the tournament.
  • Not sure if you have a membership? Need to check the expiration date of your members? Visit:
  • Become a member or renew your membership:
  • Players must have a account in good standing. Any previously closed account must be disclosed to the organizer by sending a confidential email to [email protected]
  • First time playing in our tournaments?
    All players MUST be a part of Mechanics' Chess on
    Please follow the step-by-step instructions on how to join us! If you still have problems, please email or message us and we'll help you! is a safe, secure, and fun platform for kids to learn and play chess, and participate in a wide variety of activities, including listening to lectures, doing puzzles, playing with their friends, and participating in online tournaments.
  • If you are new: click on this link:
  • If you have a ChessKid account already: Follow the instructions:
    • From a Kid account
      • Login from your computer and go to: /settings/account
      • Scroll down and Click the link which says "Do you have a Group Registration Key?"
      • When prompted for a registration key, enter QCJJNH

If you are having problems finding the way, please watch the following tutorial video:

8. Tournament Rules

  • Standard US Chess rules apply, with special focus on the Chapter 10 Online Chess rules.
  • NEW: Announced variation:
    When a player is removed due to fair play violation, scores will be adjusted as follows:
    1. If two or more rounds remain, all opponents of the disqualified player will receive a win by forfeit, unless they defeated the disqualified player, in which case they will retain a rated win.
    2. If the tournament has concluded, or if there is only one round remaining:
    The last opponent of the disqualified player will receive a win by forfeit.
    Other opponents who lost to the disqualified player will receive a half-point bye.
    Other opponents who drew with the disqualified player will receive a win by forfeit.
    Anyone who defeated the disqualified player will retain a rated win, instead of a forfeit win.


9. Fair Play

  • All games will be screened by both, Mechanics' Institute Chess Club staff and if needed, by Dr. Kenneth W. Regan, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo.
  • US Chess online rated tournament -- most USCF rules and consequences apply.
  • Players should not use any outside assistance: not have other browsers open and not be talking to other people during their games
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to monitor their kids' activity during the tournament to ensure fair play.
  • Players found or believed to be violating fair play are not eligible for a prize and their account will be removed from Mechanics' group.
  • Players who are confirmed to be using outside assistance will be reported to US Chess and restricted from future Mechanics' online and over-the-board events.
  • Parents - Please help us educate your child that IT'S SIMPLY NOT WORTH THE RISK!
  • The Organizer and/or the Chief Tournament Director can require players to play their games with a camera that records the player playing with a view to the screen. Players should be prepared to provide this precaution if asked to do so.
  • Award distributions and rating submission will take place AFTER all games have been screened.
  • For some helpful links regarding fair play, please check these out:

10. FAQ

  • What do the time controls mean?
    Time controls tell you how much time you have for each game.
    G/15+2, for example, means game in 15 minutes with a 2-second increment. This means you get 15 minutes, your opponent gets 15 minutes, and after every move, a player gets 2 seconds added to the clock. So one game can last up to 30-35 minutes.
  • How many games/rounds?
    A “6SS” before the time control means a six-round Swiss system tournament.  Players are expected to play 6 games (unless they are assigned a full-point bye). These are never elimination tournaments, so win or lose you play every round.
  • Late joins: if you joining late, you'll get zero(0) points for each missed rounds.

  • Withdrawal: you can always leave a tournament if you wish. Once you leave the tournament, you can't rejoin unfortunately, so make sure you decide accordingly.

  • Start time: we decided to start at 3PM so players can finish their tournament before dinner-time.

  • Pre-requested byes: An online tournament run on can't have pre-requested byes. Full-point byes are assigned when there is an odd number of players in a tournament.

  • Do I need to join the club on to play? 
    Yes. More information on this at the Eligibility section, item 7 above.

  • Players Database
    For players who are interested in play in our online tournament.
    PLEASE fill out our online Scholastic Players database: xxx to get email notifications about last minute changes and invitational opportunities. 


11. Testimonials

Testimonial from parents:
We received a medal in mail from Mechanics Institute, which is absolutely a surprise to my son! His first reaction was it can’t be real! Then he said what is a good hiding spot, I want to hide it! :D  This is absolutely an amazing encouragement for him as this is literally the first ever rated game that he attends! "
"I appreciate your efforts in conducting these online scholastics tournaments. It has encouraged my daughter to learn and play more chess."
"We received her medal in the mail today. It is so pretty and she loved it! A motivation for her to participate in more games!"
"Just received the trophy! It is such a nice feeling for my son to hold these beautiful trophies from MI. Thank you again!" 



Prize Winners: 

Summary of Tournament Result links on ChessKid and links to USCF crosstables.

# Date Day Start time Time Control Results
74 1/2 Sunday 3:00PM 8SS G/5+2 ChessKid:
USCF crosstable:
75 1/8 Saturday 3:00PM 6SS G/10+2 ChessKid:
USCF Crosstable:
76 1/15 Saturday 3:00PM 6SS G/15+2 ChessKid:
USCF Crosstable:
77 1/17 Monday 3:00PM 8SS G/5+2 ChessKid:
USCF Crosstable:




Detailed Results of each tournament
Looking for 2021 Tournaments? Click for the Archived tournament page.

01/02/2022: 8 rounds of G/5+2

# Name Handle ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Total T-Sonneborn Prize
1 Aadhity Ravikiran AadhityaRBAC 30024883 487 W14 (w) W10 (b) W3 (b) W2 (w) W9 (b) W5 (w) W4 (w) 7.0 27 1st Place
2 Taurus Tong RichJazzyCannon 16321755 809 W12 (w) W8 (b) W4 (w) L1 (b) D7 (b) W9 (w) W5 (b) 5.5 19.25 2nd Place
3 Justin Beerbohm SourMadAlmond 30323972 663 B--- W6 (b) L1 (w) L4 (b) W12 (w) W11 (w) W9 (b) 5.0 13 3rd Place
4 Dallas Pak dj14 30108777 747 W11 (b) W7 (w) L2 (b) W3 (w) L5 (b) W6 (w) L1 (b) 4.0 15.5 4th Place
5 Leo Tien Nguyen TinySailingBamboo 30212205 101 L8 (b) W12 (w) W11 (b) W7 (w) W4 (w) L1 (b) L2 (w) 4.0 13.5 5th Place
6 Lo Noah-Vanhoucke OldCoolingFlash 30308033 unr. W15 (b) L3 (w) L9 (b) W12 (w) W14 (w) L4 (b) W10 (w) 4.0 9.5 1st Place u800
7 Kawin Sayi Suresh NextWhiteFirebird 30082137 531 W9 (b) L4 (b) W8 (w) L5 (b) D2 (w) L10 (b) W11 (w) 3.5 12.25 2nd Place u800
8 Isabel Greenblatt isabellag48 30037568 unr. W5 (w) L2 (w) L7 (b) W15 (w) B--- D13 (b) U--- 3.5 6.5 1st Place u400
9 Benjamin L Lu quackgames 17098465 855 L7 (w) W14 (b) W6 (w) W10 (b) L1 (w) L2 (b) L3 (w) 3.0 9.5  
10 Vivaan Garg SlimGleamingParrot 30024650 unr. W13 (w) L1 (w) W14 (b) L9 (w) L11 (b) W7 (w) L6 (b) 3.0 9 2nd Place u400
11 Wyatt Ant Koester NewStunningPlant 17183234 486 L4 (w) W15 (b) L5 (w) W13 (b) W10 (w) L3 (b) L7 (b) 3.0 7 3rd Place u800
12 Ishika Gupta LoudPurePoetry 30218768 457 L2 (b) L5 (b) W13 (w) L6 (b) L3 (b) B--- W15 (w) 3.0 4  
13 Ayla Ondi Cashman Stargirl99 30363557 unr. L10 (b) B--- L12 (b) L11 (w) W15 (b) D8 (w) D14 (w) 3.0 4 3rd Place u400
14 Keshav Karthik KeshavKBayAreaChess 30246219 489 L1 (b) L9 (w) L10 (w) B--- L6 (b) W15 (w) D13 (b) 2.5 2.5  
15 Ishaan Rajes Iyer TealDottedBlastoff 30363976 281 L6 (w) L11 (w) B--- L8 (b) L13 (w) L14 (b) L12 (b) 1.0 0  


# Name Handle ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Total Prize
1 Pratyu Bhingarkar WiryCrunchyZebra 30015889 973 W21 (w) W5 (b) W18 (b) W8 (w) D4 (b) D3 (w) 5.0 1st Place
2 Ethan Liu BestMiddleSun 30021739 947 U--- W25 (w) W10 (w) W6 (b) W8 (b) D4 (w) 4.5 2nd Place
3 Archer Troy ArcherTBayAreaChess 16980544 859 W25 (b) L18 (w) W12 (b) W20 (w) W5 (w) D1 (b) 4.5 3rd Place
4 Liam Jesunas Millefiori 15773494 1119 L17 (w) W9 (b) W13 (w) W15 (b) D1 (w) D2 (b) 4.0 4th Place
5 Albert Li LateStrongWave 30047481 987 W12 (b) L1 (w) W14 (b) W17 (w) L3 (b) W11 (w) 4.0 5th Place
6 Theo Wolens SoccerChessPlayer 30095007 712 W20 (w) W14 (b) L8 (b) L2 (w) W17 (b) W12 (w) 4.0 1st Place u800
7 Dallas Pak dj14 30108777 699 W26 (b) L15 (w) L20 (b) W19 (w) W11 (b) W14 (w) 4.0 2nd Place u800
8 Ethan Yi-She Wang NextLovingPajamas 15805685 unr. W19 (w) W24 (b) W6 (w) L1 (b) L2 (w) W15 (b) 4.0 1st Place u400
9 Tanush Am Biradar TanHonestBracelet 30064505 888 D11 (b) L4 (w) L16 (b) W10 (w) W19 (b) W17 (w) 3.5  
10 Sharanya Chudgar sharanyachudgar 30083735 879 L14 (w) W26 (w) L2 (b) L9 (b) W23 (w) W21 (b) 3.0  
11 Aniruddh Sa Udgir drchessmaster2013 30019250 601 D9 (w) D17 (b) W19 (w) W18 (b) L7 (w) L5 (b) 3.0 3rd Place u800
12 Wyatt Ant Koester NewStunningPlant 17183234 548 L5 (w) W22 (b) L3 (w) W16 (b) W13 (w) L6 (b) 3.0  
13 Felix McMillan FMcMillan 30251494 357 L18 (w) W21 (b) L4 (b) W22 (w) L12 (b) W20 (w) 3.0 2nd Place u400
14 Lo Noah-Vanhoucke OldCoolingFlash 30308033 330 W10 (b) L6 (w) L5 (w) W21 (b) W18 (w) L7 (b) 3.0 3rd Place u400
15 Eli Albukerk BusyFlawlessLeopard 30219969 128 W23 (b) W7 (b) L17 (w) L4 (w) W20 (b) L8 (w) 3.0  
16 Hubert Lee Wang KindMagneticFist 17101448 899 U--- L20 (b) W9 (w) L12 (w) D22 (b) W18 (w) 2.5  
17 Vivaan Garg SlimGleamingParrot 30024650 682 W4 (b) D11 (w) W15 (b) L5 (b) L6 (w) L9 (b) 2.5  
18 Claire Coster CoolShinyBunny 17181044 569 W13 (b) W3 (b) L1 (w) L11 (w) L14 (b) L16 (b) 2.0  
19 Westle Saperstein BlueSillyCat 30128340 550 L8 (b) W23 (w) L11 (b) L7 (b) L9 (w) W25 (w) 2.0  
20 Benjamin Pearlstein GoldFunKale 30412944 unr. L6 (b) W16 (w) W7 (w) L3 (b) L15 (w) L13 (b) 2.0  
21 Grant Partridge MegaFlappingBacon 30254821 unr. L1 (b) L13 (w) W23 (b) L14 (w) W25 (b) L10 (w) 2.0  
22 Theodore Barret TheodoreBBAC 30373653 446 L24 (w) L12 (w) W25 (b) L13 (b) D16 (w) L23 (b) 1.5  
23 Katherine Nygaard GoldFlashyPoppy 30209864 100 L15 (w) L19 (b) L21 (w) D25 (w) L10 (b) W22 (w) 1.5  
24 Taurus Tong RichJazzyCannon 16321755 809 W22 (b) L8 (w) U--- U--- U--- U--- 1.0  
25 Hanfei Li GoodSneakyObject 30018482 474 L3 (w) L2 (b) L22 (w) D23 (b) L21 (w) L19 (b) 0.5  
26 Aathya Srinivasan AwesomeHat 16827837 638 L7 (w) L10 (b) U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0